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Jennifer Brooke Partridge

Jennifer Brooke Partridge is internationally renowned as a journalist and facilitator in the human potentiality fields. She has spent time studying ancient texts that point to the process of healing and human potential. As a journalist she has traveled to remote monasteries and sacred sites across the globe, learning from various ancient cultures and traditions in India, Nepal, Korea, Colombia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and across the U.S.A. She has immersed herself in many ancient modalities as an Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga teacher, Emotional Freedom Techniques facilitator as well as studying various methods of shamanic healing, Ayurveda, Reiki, physical, mental and emotional healing, mantras, earth medicines, and so much more.

In ONE Productions Jennifer has scripted, hosted and produced over 100 radio shows, and produced short format T.V. and online video content. In her career, she has had the opportunity of interviewing the industries best in motivation, spirituality and health from visionaries such as N.Y. Times best sellers Gregg Braden, don Miguel Ruiz, from the Black Eyed Peas, Michael Beckwith, David Wolfe, Shiva Rea amongst many others.

most important tips you’ll learn

Check out some of Jennifer’s tips from dream awake and see how you can apply them to your life. These tips can be applied to your relationships, career, finances, health, self-esteem and so much more.


The quality of your relationships is a direct mirror of your state of consciousness.


Although there is pain on the surface, underneath it, there is a knowingness, guiding your life to resolve all confusion.


Relax your judgements and your life will open up into a field of curiosity and play.


By finding resolution in your past, time collapses and you will find yourself in the present moment.


Your thoughts and perceptions are creating the story of your life. You get to choose if it is a dream or a nightmare.


Simple acceptance is the solvent that transforms your pain to pleasure.


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Humanity has spent centuries searching for truth, and in the midst of our genuine call for clarity we have become lost in the many stories and beliefs that create our world today. With all the systems of belief that have influenced our viewpoint, from religions, culture, media and societal upbringing, it is often hard to know what is real.

Dream Awake is offered to you as a tool to discover your true identity, one that is not passed down by any system of thought, but rather understood through your own inward reflection and self-realization. As we clear the mind from the many programs, automatically we step in to the great awakening, one that will positively change your life forever.


Check out what the world thinks of jennifer below & join them in their inspiration of transformation and empowerment.

Laura Chiraya Fox

Her free-flowing cosmic mind scintillates the senses as she lures us into what's truly good for us with delightful and playful fun layered with Divine Ancient Wisdom. Her heart is dedicated to the awakening and transformation of the planetary consciousness.

Laura Chiraya Fox, Founder

Brad Nye

I admire her zest and enthusiasm to inspire others and awaken their inner potential. Her deep insights and tranquility always enable a group to dive into experiences beyond their imagination.

Brad Nye, Co-founder, Red Lightning

Jasmina Agrillo

She is so practical, and yet really soul connected and very deeply spiritual, it's a coming together for me of my souls purpose and mission and be able to make it practical and work for me.

Jasmina Agrillo, Founder

Aaron Wexler

Her work is absolutely amazing, it's very transformative and very compassionate, very healing. I feel now I can go into the world more clearly, more comfortably and its all thanks to her, so thank you.

Aaron Wexler, Teacher & Coach

Raul Rosiles

She brings together all her expertise, her higher consciousness and passion. She has an ability to guide you to bring the message you want to the world.

Raul Rosiles, Founder

Happy Oasis

I am inspired to see everyone she touches through an awakening process, her illuminated spirit, confidence, strength and ability to communicate clearly and joyfully. I hope that Jen's message will exuberantly expand to touch even the farthest reaches of the globe.

Happy Oasis

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