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  1. PT41HealthyBoundariesThumb2

    Sometimes in life, we may feel taken advantage of, threatened or like our needs don’t matter. But they do!  Boundaries are imaginary lines that help you protect yourself both physically and emotionally. They keep other's actions and behaviors from hurting, distracting, annoying, or imposing on you. Here are six signs that you need to create healthy boundaries: You f(...)

  2. yes 3

    The other day I was preparing my 2018 vision board. I was imagining my greatest visions And then I spent a lot of time thinking about what inspires someone to really go for their dreams without hesitation or holding back. Self love. Confidence. (If you thought sleeping your way to the top, this is not that kind of blog! Haha :) I’m talking genuine,(...)

  3. PT40GetMotivatedThumb

    Let’s admit it. Sometimes we just feel lazy and no matter what we do, or don’t do… it’s hard to kick it. But we know deep inside, we want to get up off our ass and live more, create more and have the life of our dreams.   Here are six signs that indicate you need a little more motivation in your life: 1* You find yourself binging on netflix  2* Your (...)

  4. PT39_AmplifyYourGratitude2

    Sometimes when life is not going our way, it’s hard to have that chipper attitude of gratitude. Yet it is in these times more than ever that we need to pick ourselves up and see the positive in our life. When we cultivate the power of gratitude in our life, we gain the capacity to cultivate harmonious relationships, success in our work and even improve our physical health. Here ar(...)

  5. Trust Yourself

    Sometimes the hardest thing to do in the world is trust yourself, because it often means taking risks and at times being what others don’t want you to be. Yet, trusting yourself will always guide you to a place of power and strength.  Here are six signs that perhaps you need to trust yourself more. You doubt which direction to take in life You are hesitat(...)

  6. IMG_3120

      There are many ways our safety can be threatened in life and it is not just our physical safety that can be in danger. Our mental, emotional and spiritual safety are often areas that are overlooked but can feel as vulnerable as physical threat. When our lack of safety is exposed in any way, we often find ourselves hiding, scared to speak up, protect yourself o(...)

  7. Connecting

    With all the busyness of life, the troubles and dilemmas we are faced with and uncertainties that confront us, sometimes it is hard to connect to our true nature. This place inside of our self that feels effortless, the place of rest and trust. It is our true nature, that has all the answers, and will lead us back to our sanity if we allow it. There are many signs that you may be discon(...)

  8. Copy of COMING (6)

    Guest Author: Sonya Sophia Breaking up feels awful and can have a huge impact on your health, happiness and productivity. But it doesn't have to. EFT (also known as Tapping) can alleviate the anger, mitigate the madness, and tame the trust issues that inevitably come up after a relationship has gone awry.  Using EFT on a regular basis during a breakup can open up new le(...)

  9. Trust Intuition

    Intuition seems to be an illusive thing in our modern day life. A skill that we were never taught to harness or how to understand fully. Why? Because intuition has often been left in the realm of the hocus pocus and the world of woo woo. Yet, every single one of us, have had a gut feeling at some stage in our life, where we just knew we should avoid a situation, or to get involved (...)

  10. Copy of COMING(1)

    Sometimes in life we just don’t know left from right. The combination of too many decisions and fears of making the wrong one, can stop us in our tracks and leave us feeling very unclear.  Here are some signs that you may have lost clarity: 1. You are finding it hard to make a decision 2. You are overwhelmed with choices but do not know the correct one 3. You want to try (...)

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