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Evolve Your Timeline

When we experience times of struggle our tendency is often to wish things were different. This is a natural impulse and in fact, it is a survival impulse, that tells you "things need to change" and yes they do. Yet one aspect of the equation that this survival impulse does not understand is; surrender makes change easy. Our cave man ways, are still wired to flight or fight and there fore sending us into panic, overwhelm and fear when something does not seem right.

Yet what if for a moment, we could expand our view point and see that perhaps everything is exactly as it's meant to be, right now in this moment. This does not mean that it is how it should be in the future. But for now, it is happenening so there must be something in it for me. Right? If you are looking to expand your life, heal, grow and get past your challenges then this is the special recipe:

Embrace the moment

By embracing the moment exactly as it is, we become liberated, for we are no longer in struggle against the moment. When we end the struggle against the moment, new resources, new ideas, new solutions are able to be found. Yet when we struggle, push back and blame the moment our energy is wasted. We only have so much life force in us and so where we choose to use it, is vital and important.

All the pain we feel is justified. We as individuals were born into a set of circumstances that had us responding, reacting and replicating what we saw as a child. The way our parents behaved, the culture and religions we were influenced by, the beliefs of society, school and the media... It has all been affecting us, and our belief about what we think reality should look like. Yet, when it does not look like our exact model in our mind. Guess what? We then feel an array of emotions; fear, anger, sadness, shame and so much more. All because of a program be bought into.

So much of the time the program we were taught is rigid and single minded which stops us from seeing a bigger picture; a picture that is defined by a greater capacity to love and hold love for others. If we stay here with this rigid program, we become stuck and do not evolve. Yet, if we want our childrens, children to have a beautiful future we must evolve the timeline.

How do we do evolve the timeline?

We embrace it all. We take away the labels of good and bad and we turn our attention to loving it all. Holding the pain in love and forgiveness. Bringing empathy to the fear in our hearts. And we challenge ourselves to embrace other peoples beliefs with love. It does not mean that we have to have the same beliefs as others, but it means, stopping the fight between beliefs and moving to a deeper place of honor and respect for each other.

Some of us are cut from the same piece of cloth and others have a totally different pattern all together. Yet, just because someone enjoys wearing poka dots to the school ball while others wear stripes, does not mean that someone has got the wrong memo from the fashion police. It just means this is their unique expression they are choosing right now.

As we embrace each other for our unique differences, by embracing our fear of them, we are evolving the timeline. So loosen up, don't take it so seriously, challenge yourself to laugh more that you fear and you will be doing a good thing for the future generations!