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How to Forgive the Unforgivable

Chances are if you're human, you have at one stage felt, hurt, wrongly accused, judged, violated or offended. Like the “other person/s” involved, were not thinking about your needs at all. 

When such an offense takes place - the last thing you want to hear is how they deserve your forgiveness! 

Quietly you may prefer to see them stripped of their clothes and dropped off at Times Square.

But here's the thing. That is probably not going to happen, and as long as we hold resentment, we are diminishing our health, joy and vitality. 

My opportunities to forgive often arise when I am feeling triggered by not being able to control my partner! As hard as it is to do, sometimes I just can’t force him to be different. Haha.

Which in truth is a good thing.

When I am able to forgive my partner, or anyone else for not being “exactly” how I want or need them to be. Something opens up inside of me. 

I discover their humanity. My humanity.

Their vulnerability. My vulnerability.

Their fears. My fears.

And change happens. 
In today’s free Power Tap Session, I welcome the topic of forgiveness toward others, and most importantly ourselves.

You will be given an opportunity to feel all that you need to feel in order to get the closure you deserve. 

Trust me: forgiving ourselves and others can sometimes be the hardest thing. But through experience, I've learned that my life force and health is so much more important than holding onto the pain.

I cover a lot of ground in this session, including:

  • Releasing the emotional rollercoaster
  • Clearing out the deeper feelings of hurt and violation
  • Discover what your true needs are and how to get them (even if the other person won’t give them!)
  • Release both feeling attacked and attacking
  • Empower yourself to stand in your truth
  • Understand the situation from a higher perspective

Once you've had a chance to Tap it out, head over please share ONE idea from today's session that would help you see through love more.

And don't forget...

Forgiveness doesn’t always come easy, but your life will be better for it.

It is a core component to being empowered, to contain all of your energy, so that you can have joy and love in your life. Not to mention all your friends and family will be enormously grateful for your loving heart!

This is about understanding that we all make mistakes and we are all human. When we are able to see this more clearly, we become free.

As always — thank you for reading, watching and sharing. And a huge thank you for allowing me to be on this journey with you each week.

All my love,