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Tapping into Radical Love

Most people assume that because I am always teaching radical love, that I must be totally free and open in my heart all the time.

But, of course I’m not.

I live with fears and insecurities just like everyone else…

And I think as a teacher it’s so super important to keep stretching my capacity to love more.

Along with helping other people release their fears, shame, self doubt and uncomfortability with love, I’m constantly working through mine…

...through my relationship, work, sex life, personal boundaries and how I show up in the world.

I’ve adventured a looooong way down the path from total insecurity to my own freedom in accepting reality and people as they are.

I love sharing my growth with you…

So everything I have learned about opening to love, I have put into this tapping session for you. Be sure to switch on the captions, so you can follow along with me.

I’ll be sharing this Tapping session with you, to support you in releasing your blocks to love, empowerment and intimacy with life.

We recorded this Tapping session at one of my recent workshops at Wanderlust, Hollywood.

Together we let go of blocking our heart to love.

Release the story that we were not worthy of love.

And decide to be ambassadors for the love we seek in our life.

This session is all about loving when we don’t want to…. 

In this Tap I will show you how your life experiences can shut you down and the choices we have to come back and see through the eyes of love, forgiveness and gratitude.

What is radical love? 

It means no more hiding. 

No more unnecessary fear. 

No more blame and shame. 

Radical love means standing up for feeling good, connected and choosing love when we are challenged. I know it can be hard!! 

This Tapping session guides you to get there. Love is your true identity.

All the other stuff is bullsh*t. 

I'm so happy that we get to choose love today!


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