Power Tap: Trust the Unknown

Every single human being on the planet is faced with the unknown, and it can often bring up deep insecure feelings.  Here are some signs you're being invited to trust the unknown:   You are trying something new that you have never done before A valuable relationship in your life has ended You are taking [...]

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3 Mudras to Bring Bliss (to your meditation)

Are you ready to bliss out? Then I have 3 simple mudras just for you, designed to make you a wise ass, a love guru and a super hero! A mudra is a position of the body, mostly hands that helps influence the energy of your body, mood and optimal expression in life. These mudras [...]

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Power Tap: Physical Pain

It seems part of being human is experiencing physical pain, although we don’t like it… We all experience it from time to time! Tapping can definitely come to the rescue in helping ease physical pain, and if you are watching at home, here are some signs tapping can help your physical pain: You have physical [...]

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Power Tap: Permission to Say No

Sometimes in life we are afraid to say no, for many different reasons. But sometimes no is just what’s needed. Here are some signs that you may need to exercise this word: You feel obliged to do the “right” thing, even though you don’t want to You feel blackmailed or manipulated into a situation You [...]

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How to Discover the Gift in Any Challenge

Often when we are experiencing pain,  we can not fathom or even consider that there is a message or gift in it for us. The pain is often too excruciating that all we can do is point the finger, blame someone else or wallow in our own misery. All of which are justified responses to [...]

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Money Magnet

Power Tap: Become a Money Magnet

When we think about money, all sorts of insecurities can come up. And it is these very insecurities that block us from the abundance that is available.  Here are some signs you want for some more abundance in your life: You find yourself stressed when thinking about money You’re afraid to ask for money with [...]

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Hi, I'm Jennifer.I love singing in the rain. I was born in a small country town in Australia. I like imagining what life would be like if we all danced to our own crazy rhythm and stopped trying to be like each other.I can be clumsy sometimes.I get food on my face a lot when I eat.

My favorite thing in life is sharing inspiration with others, especially if it includes yoga or personal empowerment. Because as far as I can see, personal empowerment is the seed to transform the world.I tend to get excited a lot, thrilled, a little too ambitious and nervous all at the same time! I'm 30 now, but I never stop jumping up and down when something wonderful happens. My biggest fear is Letting someone/anyone down. i really love sharing my passions with the world. Health. Yoga. Transformation. Women's Sacred Mysteries. Vegan Food. Mmmmmm….

I tend to make up nicknames for everyone I meet. God knows where a lot of them come from. My home is in Santa Monica, California. It is my vortex, of magical fun. Vegan Cafes, Beach, Sublime Weather, Yoga Classes and great community. I could spend all day walking the isles at whole foods. It feels like a wonderland to me. I tend to dance between the worlds of being earth mumma and a sassy business cat. As you can imagine, that makes me swing from intensely hairy arm pits to not a hair in sight! I love my sisters, and when I say that I mean all women.

I see our vulnerabilities, our hopes & dreams and I recognize the power of bringing women together on the planet. I tend to be a philosopher of sorts, and have to remind myself not get to bogged down with all the "what if's" of the world… so many!

My curious nature has taken me all over the world, I have spent time living in malaria infested villages, slept at train stations in the middle of rural India, set up camp in the jungles of Colombia, sat with wise ones in the peaks of the Himalayas and had my eyes opened to poverty beyond my imagination. All of which are experiences that have made me appreciate this gift of life.

I am so grateful to all of life, all of it. Because I know that it is all shaping me to be a more wholesome human being. But mostly I am excited to share this journey with you., whether that's in a class, a workshop, online or at an event. Thank you for watching, showing up for yourself, and remembering that happiness is just a smile away.