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5 Signs You Are Lacking Self Love

Having self love is one of the hardest things human beings struggle with, yet it is the number one thing that will both save us individually and the world. When we struggle with self love we will often be faced with the following symptoms:

1. Self Doubt

When we are not loving ourselves, we begin to doubt our potential, our worth and what we are capable of. Why? Because when there is doubt there is no love to nourish our being, our endeavors, our actions and the way we show up in the world.

2. Fear of Others Judgement

When we fear others people’s opinions, we take away our capacity to love ourselves. In the midst of doing this, we begin to define our ability to love ourselves based on their approval and their thoughts.

3. A Negative Voice in Your Head

That negative voice inside your head, yes that one! When this negative voice is running circles in your mind, you could not possibly have the time to love on yourself. Negativity not only zaps your self love, it also drains your energy and life force, affecting all areas of your life!

4. Judging Other People

When we are judging others, we are often really judging ourselves, and it being projected on another person.Judging someone is different than observing someones truth or difference of expression. The way you can tell if it is a judgement, is by asking yourself if this thought stirs you up emotionally, or do you feel triggered by it? If the answer is yes, then you know that it’s a judgement and probably stemming from a place of love self esteem.

5. Fear of Speaking your Truth

The fear of speaking up for your needs, your truth, your worth and your honor is often backed by lack of self love. When we can truly love ourselves, we know our worth and feel confident and graceful in expressing it. When we doubt our worth, and are not loving ourselves appropriately, our mind can make many excuses as to why you do not have the right to speak your truth.

If any of these signs apply to you, it sounds like you may need a healthy dose of love, sweet self love. Bringing love to our doubts, fears, judgements and shames can sometimes be the hardest thing. Yet the more practice we have, the easier it gets.

I recently recorded a full tapping session for just that! Self Love. Please join me in this session, put your phone on silent, grab a pen and paper and let’s tap it out. Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping is a profound tool to bring more self love into your life. I guarantee that you feel more love after doing this session with me.

If you are new to tapping, you can check out this video ahead of time, or look over the chart below to know all the tapping points and let’s get started.


I would love to hear how this tapping session went for you. What did you discover about yourself and how are you choosing to love yourself more in your life?