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Have you lost your connection to deep and delicious inner peace?

As humans we often lose contact with this place, and find ourselves on a merry-go-round of conflict or some kind of insecurity repeating in the background.

The truth is… many of us grew up in houses of pain, fighting, numbing, avoidance, abuse or just plain-old neglect.

It was those formative years that taught us how to deal (or not deal) with conflict and confusion.

It’s often what our parents did, that we continue on doing…

In my earlier relationships the way I would deal with conflict is to cry, scream, project and blame.

I would allow myself to become totally overwhelmed with emotion.

Often spewing particles of green sludgy snot 😲 onto the other. Mwah haha ha haaaa….

As fun as it was to use my partner as a snot blowing machine, I later found it to be more empowering to take responsibility for my emotions.

It is this one act that has saved my relationships, my life force and my connection to love.

Are you ready to choose peace instead of conflict? Here are 5 signs that it’s time:

😈 you feel bombarded by so many challenges

😈 You are struggling to prove your point

😈 You are grouchy, pushy or want to hide

😈 You have been seeing others as the enemy

😈 You feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward

If any of these feel like your evil twin in action… then perhaps you may want to give that grouchy gremlin a healthy dose of Tapping.

Tapping gives your nervous system an opportunity to calm down, and as a result your mind and emotions are able to relax as well.

Some of the positive bi-products include:

A glowing aura, a deep smile from the inside, juicy, loving, and connected relationships, inner resilience and an attitude that will magnify blessings into your life.

Try this short Tap out now and choose peace instead of conflict.

Please write back in the responses and let me know: If you were able to live your life from a deep place of peace, what could you create in your relationships, your purpose, and how could you bring more benefit to the world?

I always love to hear back from you.

Keep practicing peace…. It may not happen overnight, but one breath at a time.


Jennifer Partridge
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