5 Ways to Love Your Life

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Whether you are feeling down on life, or just want to be happier and take it to the next level, then these five ways to love your life can help you get there. It is easy to get into a funk when we do not have our priorities straight, so take some time to think about these simple steps and how they can change your life for the better.

  1. Find Your Tribe
    It’s so important to be around people that make you feel a sense of ease. Let go of those people who you continually feel you need to impress, or change your personality to just fit in. Those people are not your tribe. Find those quirky, silly, strange friends that get you… and don’t let them go!  Your tribe will love you and celebrate you for being you.
  2. Try New Things
    It’s easy to repeat patterns, and often we are repeating the ones that do not serve us. Yet, when we make radical change, our life changes. By trying something new every day, you begin to discover new things about yourself. You may not like it all, but at least you tried. By experimenting with the new, you are bound to grow and expand in ways you never thought possible.
  3. Grow The Things You Love
    Take some time out of your regular routine and make a list of all the things you love to do. By actively making a list, you will realize that there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy your life.  Then go ahead and schedule them into your calendar. The only way to grow them, is to do them. So remember to schedule them in.
  4. Travel
    There is a magic that sweeps into your soul when you travel, because you are trusting the unknown. In this, spontaneity is born, new places are discovered, friendships are created, and adventure is felt. See the world, it’s big and beautiful and it’s waiting for you.
  5. Keep it Real
    Simplify your life, walk barefoot on the earth, breath in the element’s, center yourself, feel the sunshine on your face, drink clean water, eat fresh food and relish the moment. As you let go of racing from one place to the next, you are able to reconnect with your humanity, it’s simple and real.
All of these can sound like big tasks, but one step in the right direction will lead you there. It’s all waiting for you right now. The life you love. The life you deserve, deserves you! I would love to hear from you. What do you do in your life, that makes you happy? Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

I will see you out there loving life.


Jennifer Partridge
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