6 of the Best & Easiest New Years Resolutions

Jennifer Partridge


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New Year’s resolutions can sometimes create more pressure than goodness in your life. Rather than going wild and crazy (unless I want to), I decide to set resolutions that I know I can keep, and will make me feel good. After all, it is the baby steps that lead to big steps!

Here are some New Year’s resolutions that perhaps you may want to try as well:

1. Forgive yourself if you break a resolution

Breaking old habits is not always as easy as it seems. The reason being our habits are hard wired into our brain. Shifting a poor habit can often take a lot of practice and self-forgiveness. If you find yourself blaming and shaming when you fall off of a resolution, then take a chill pill. Recognize that practice makes perfect and tomorrow is another day! I think with this viewpoint, it will be easier to create consistent results in the future.

2. Always make eye contact with a stranger

As part of my desire to create deeper connections in life, I believe eye contact is a great stepping stone. When we connect with someone is eyes, we are both inviting connection and the channel for love and friendship to flow.  When we feel connected to the world and the people around us, life is filled with more magic; more opportunities and amazing surprises… which you may never have known existed!

3. Make a point to laugh and play everyday

If you’re anything like me, you may notice that it’s easy to get swept away with the “seriousness” of life! With work and an endless to-do list, sometimes I forget to add “have fun” to that list. I am putting it on my to do list now, and every day taking a moment to just have fun. Perhaps it is by spending some time out in nature, doing yoga, dancing like a wild child for 5 minutes, watching some comedy, rolling around with my dog… whatever it is. Put it on your calendar every day. You will be happier for it.

4. Never say goodbye angry

Life is so short, and yes at times we are going to experience conflict with others. Yet, we can decide if we leave a conversation in an angry way or in a loving way. After all, in truth you never know if you will ever see that person again. Something could happen to them or to you, and would you want your last memory of them to be tainted by anger or blame? Make it a point to say goodbye in love all the time.

5. Take care of a plant in your house

Being able to pour your love into something brings deep fulfillment. Perhaps you may not be ready for a new puppy or a baby just yet… But a plant is a great stepping stone! Have it close by, nurture it, and you may soon find yourself having a conversation with it as well. Yes, they can hear you and they can become good friends.

6. Try something new at least once a week

Stretching your boundaries makes you a more capable and adventurous human being. Try something new every week and if you like it, keep doing it. If you don’t, then at least you tried and now you know yourself better because of it. Sometimes we are afraid of trying new things but it forces us to grow… so just give it a go!

I would love to hear from you and discover what New Year’s resolutions you are committing to. Leave them in the comments below and remember to have fun while making it happen!

All my love,


Jennifer Partridge
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