Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

I want you to feel this deeply… in every vibrating particle of your being!

Your business IS your sacred service.

AND… Don’t let anyone question that, and most of all don’t let yourself believe that:

As healers you should not make money.

Or that running a business, having a team support your work and god forbid a strategy to make it successful is “not spiritual” …

Your business. is. your. sacred service.

Your greatest gift to the world.

When you finally marry the two, a divine romance can be born.

Marrying your business with your sacred service can feel tricky to start with… and often too many healers either;

A.  Lose themselves in the “business” side of things


B.  Don’t sell their services or are afraid to ask for money because it is a “healing art”

We get to change the story of what “business” means… and remember why we came to the planet… as beacons of light 💫 ready to radiate our goodness and transform humanity.

For many years I let go of the healing art and focused way too much on the business and as a result my soul was drained with very little to give back. 😪

So how do you marry your business with your sacred service?

Well first of all you can Tap with me, and clear out all the negative beliefs that tell you that “you don’t have time” or “it’s too hard.”

Try my Tapping Session with Mindvalley to Rewire those negative beliefs.

Then shift your beliefs and recognize that you can

Prioritize your sacred service…

🔥 If you prioritize the business, you can become a successful business man/woman, but you will eventually lose your magic and as a result… people will feel it, and stop buying from you 😬

🔥 If you prioritize your sacred service, your soul will be nourished, you will wake up every day inspired to change lives, people’s hearts will be healed, AND your business will grow exponentially.

Your business will grow not because of all the fancy email funnels, or the extremely detailed launch plan you followed… (I did that tooooo 😱)

Your business will grow because you are in the overflow, and the transformations are happening all around you.

Then all you need is a simple strategy, so that there are portals for the money to flow to you.

If you don’t have portals for the money to flow to you… aka.. Your offerings!

Then the universe will not be able to flow the resources in your direction.

So this is why we must marry the two!

We must heal our relationship with business, and come back into right-relations.

Rather than breaking up all together, consider this family therapy, happening right now, reminding you what is most important.

Thank you for your sacred service, your offering to this world and for remembering why you are here.

All my love,​


Jennifer Partridge
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