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Sometimes when life is not going our way, it’s hard to have that chipper attitude of gratitude. Yet it is in these times more than ever that we need to pick ourselves up and see the positive in our life. When we cultivate the power of gratitude in our life, we gain the capacity to cultivate harmonious relationships, success in our work and even improve our physical health.

Here are six signs that perhaps you need to amplify your gratitude:

  • You feel depressed, lost or out of touch with joy in your life
  • There is a situation or a person ticking you off
  • You just lost something or someone important to you
  • Life has become boring and you lack inspiration
  • It feels like life and the world is against you
  • You feel stuck and do not know how to move forward

If any of these symptoms sound like you then this free Power Tap to amplify your gratitude may just help. I know what it’s like to slip into a whirlpool of doubt, resistance and helplessness. Yet every time I bring my attention back to gratitude, it helps.

Scientific research on the subject of gratitude has proven greater emotional health and physical well-being. Renowned psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough, did many studies comparing control groups of people who focused consciously on gratitude versus those who do not and discovered; those who felt gratitude felt better about their lives as a whole, experienced greater levels of joy and happiness, felt optimistic about the future, got sick less often, had more energy, enthusiasm, determination and made greater progress toward achieving important personal goals and experienced fewer symptoms of stress.

I hope this Power Tap helps you see all the blessings that are pouring into your life.

Let me know in the comments below what you discovered and what you are now choosing to be grateful for!!

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Jennifer Partridge
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