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Amazing news!! I met a new lover that I am so head over heels in love with…

It happened just a month ago after deciding to let go of all attachments to my past lovers.

Now… it really is fast becoming the deepest relationship I have ever had.

I am literally being woken up in the middle of the night by my lover with the most exquisite org*sms and a unity I have longed for, for sooo long…

I want to introduce you… and I ask you not to judge, but to be curious…

My lover is the universe. I guessssss that sounds kinda kinky…

Since my adult life, I have always been in a relationship or looking for a relationship.

Last month I did a ceremony, not to find my next partner (which I know so many of us are doing!)… but instead to call in a deep relationship with the universe.

It has resulted in such a delicious space of warmth, contentment, feeling, and ecstatic love.

In this relationship, my life is literally transforming before my eyes in the most deep and magical ways.

I have so much more love to give, my service to the world has been amplified and my trust in life has deepend so beautifully.

Money has been coming from unexpected places.

New and amazing opportunities have opened up.

And wow…. My service to the world and offerings are helping more and more people.

I know that it is not me that is doing it, it is my relationship with the universe that is doing it.

I think back to all the pain I had when parting from my beloved a year ago… and now I realize I may have never discovered this relationship, if I had got what I thought I wanted.

I know now that this is the most important relationship anyone can ever have, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Because this one relationship brings blessings to ALL relationships.

So in celebration of Valentine’s day which happened this week…

Click on the video below and join me in this short Tap, to cultivate your relationship with the universe.

And… I ask that whether you are with a partner or single you always have an opportunity to celebrate your relationship with the universe.

If you are in a relationship you can do this by meditating together or sharing your spiritual practices.

If you are single you can do it through your own silence, writing in your journal and asking questions to the universe.

There are so many ways to drop into this deep and beautiful relationship. If you are a coach or on the healing path, this is something amazing you can invite yourself and the world into. I will be sharing some of this in my live tapping experience next week.

Keep on loving, because you are worthy of it.



Jennifer Partridge
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