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If you are avoiding your financial responsibilities…financial flow will avoid you…

It’s the law of the universe.

What we avoid… Avoids us…

If you are avoiding relationships, you do not attract relationships.

If you avoid intimacy, you will not experience deep connections.

If you are avoiding self-love, you will not feel love for yourself.

AND… if you are avoiding:

🤑 Looking at your finances
🤑 Paying your bills
🤑 Creating a clear financial plan

Then guess what happens… it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

MONEY responds to how much ATTENTION and INTEGRITY you give to it.

And when you are in integrity with money… Money is in integrity with you.

It’s a spiritual practice.

If you want more financial flow in your life, then start being in integrity with the current money you do have.

Pay your bills. Honor your word and your commitments. Create a plan. Review your statements. Make every payment a sacred exchange.

If you are out of integrity with your finances, your subconscious will attract back the same experiences to you.

Avoiding paying others… Others will avoid paying you…

Trying to nickel and dime every transaction… you can expect others to do the same…

Why? Because what you vibrate at, is what you attract back.

This past month I spent time with different tribes from the Amazon, and the Andes.

I sat in a ceremony with a 98-year-old medicine woman from the Qéro tribe in Peru and a medicine man from the Zapper tribe in Ecuador.

Both experiences highlighted for me our world’s addiction to more, more, more…

Without accounting for and honoring the sacredness of what we already have.

If we can just slow down a bit, and recognize that we have more than enough, take care of our current financial situation, and be in sacred exchange… our world would harmonize in a much deeper way.

We have been given more than enough.

And we are being called back into this remembrance.

By taking full responsibility and being in integrity with your finances, you take your power back, you move into sacred exchange, and you align with the laws of the universe for true abundance.

You get to choose. And the universe will mirror whatever you choose.

Thanks for following the laws of the universe.


Jennifer Partridge
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