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Jennifer Brooke Partridge, author of “Dream Awake” is internationally renowned as a facilitator in the human potentiality fields. She has spent over ten years studying ancient texts that point to the process of healing and human potential. As a journalist she has traveled to remote monasteries and sacred sites across the globe, learning from various ancient cultures and traditions in India, Nepal, Korea, Colombia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and across the U.S.A. She has immersed herself in many ancient modalities as an Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator as well as studying various methods of Shamanic Healing, Ayurveda, Reiki, Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing, Mantras, Earth Medicines, Chanting and so much more.

​Jennifer has combined her career as a Journalist, TV host, radio host and spokesperson with her passion for ancient wisdom. Jennifer’s media company Our New Earth, has scripted, hosted and produced over 100 radio shows, produced short format T.V. content, as well as online and film media to awaken the world. In her career, Jennifer has had the opportunity of interviewing the industries best in motivation, spirituality and health from visionaries such as N.Y. Times best sellers Gregg Braden, don Miguel Ruiz, Will.I.Am from The Black Eyed Peas, Michael Beckwith, David Wolfe, Shiva Rea amongst many others.

​Jennifer has been discussing expanded states of consciousness and healing in popular documentaries such as “The Voice,” “Wisdom of the World” and in her debut book release titled “Dream, Awake”.

Jennifer Partridge is available for bookings in the following areas: Public Speaking, Book Signings, T.V. Hosting, Brand Ambassador, Radio / Television appearances.