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  1. COMING(3)

    Having self love is one of the hardest things human beings struggle with, yet it is number one thing that will both save us individually and the world. When we struggle with self love we will often be faced with the following symptoms: 1. Self Doubt When we are not loving ourselves, we begin to doubt our potential, our worth and what we are capable of. Why? Because when there i(...)

  2. COMING-2

    The Challenge I have a challenge for you today, one that may not appeal to your ego but one that will appeal to your essence:  Take a Break! I feel like all of us are crazy in our activity and myself being a huge culprit. The truth is I often find myself on this merry-go-round of a never ending to do list, which has me running from one thing to the next. Even when I'm not phy(...)

  3. PT32_Procrastination

    Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving our dreams. And it is called procrastination. I personally have worked through procrastination in many areas of my own life from, work, relationships, finances and simply expressing my passions. But every time, I just do it. It gets a little easier. Here are some signs you are procrastinating and need a kick up the booty(...)

  4. COMING (1)

    Today I invite you to find your happy place. Your happy place is not where you are located, your happy place is not what you have. Your happy place is not what you have achieved. These are things that are happening in the outside world. These are the outside circumstances of your life. And yes these can bring temporary moments of happiness. But you could be walking on a tropical beach like(...)

  5. Power & Purpose (1)

    When we think about our life purpose, we may either feel it out of reach or think it is too hard to achieve. But if it’s in us, then it is there for a reason. Join me in this explosive Tapping / EFT workshop designed to light you up and to live your life purpose! Get clarity on your life purpose, what it is and how it looks Release self doubt, unworthiness and self sa(...)


    In today’s world, it is easy to get swept away with taking care of everything and everyone else, except ourselves! I have been a culprit of this, which is why I thought it would be great to create this video to inspire the importance and value of having a self care routine. If you are looking for more balance and harmony in your life, then give these a go and see how it feels! (...)

  7. PT33_FOMO

    Did you know FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a real thing! Wikipedia states that it is a fear of having made the wrong decision on how to spend your time. Which can often make you say “Yes” to everything from fear of missing out. Saying “Yes” to everything can be exhausting and as I discovered in my earlier years can lead to anxiety, depletion of energy, sleep deprivation,(...)

  8. Thailand1

    Human beings are so caught up with desire that sometimes we wish ourselves away from what is happening right now, here in the moment. Continually chasing the cheese, actually sends the cheese further away from us. What is truly required to achieve your dreams and to sink your teeth into the beloved cheese (vegan of course!) is to be here right now, with where you are at and what is happening. (...)

  9. Copy of POWER TAP_(1)

    When it comes to living and expressing your dreams in life one can feel frustrated, doubtful, and even stuck. These are the times when you feel like all hope is lost. You may look at others, and ask the question, "How do they do it?"  I believe there are many components that can bring your dreams into fruition, and what I have learnt in my own journey is that positive thi(...)

  10. PT31_DontTakePersonal2

    It is really easy to be offended by what other people say, think or do, especially if it appears personal. Here are some signs you may be taking it too personal:   You are easily affected by other people’s moods and emotions You feel devastated if someone judges you You are always seeking others approval before your own You are doing thi(...)

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