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Thank you to everyone who wrote love notes to me after my surgery last week. It really is amazing how the loving wishes of others can help.

It has been a deep time, as the can of worms was opened to healing on a new level.

I am sure you can relate, when it rains it pours…. My goddess. It was raining worms everywhere. Slimy little suckers!

After the foggy aftermath of sedation, I was confronted with a recurring nightmare, that my partner often laughs about.

Another weird and awkward confession here:

I often wake up in the middle of the night hearing noises…

And my response while half asleep and delusional is:

Responding with a VERY DEEP & LOUD MALE VOICE, saying things like “Who’s there!”

It’s the kind of alpha, macho, I’ll kick your butt and blow your brains out type of voice!

A strange noise to hear from this tiny little Australian fairie!

But I discovered something about this alter-ego of mine, that I had not fully addressed.

It was startling when I realised it.

This macho male voice is the same voice I used when I told my uncle to stop molesting me in the middle of the night.

And springing to my feet in response to noises, was exactly what I had to do to defend myself.

Soooo… the world makes sense again!!

Our limiting habits, fears and insecurities are often a reflection of our unresolved traumas.

We were all dealt our deck of cards when it comes to early imprints and traumas.

More often than not, we spend our adult years, either reacting to those imprints


Re-wiring those imprints.

The first step in rewiring our fears I see time and again, is this:

We must create safety to heal.

If a human being does not feel safe they will not do the healing.

That is why I am pleased to share this Tapping session with you, to work on whatever crazy PTSD, wacky habits or unprocessed, unresolved issues you are carrying!

The first step is safety. Try this session and give yourself the safety you deserve to heal.

One thing that has created profound safety for me, is being able to talk publicly about my fears.

After doing the Tap and your feeling safe I would love to hear from you in the comments section of the blog. What have you been afraid of? And after bringing safety to this fear how do you feel?

As always, I am super grateful to share this journey of vulnerability with you.

Together we get to outshine our fears with love.

All my love,


Jennifer Partridge
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