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There are a few coming of age lessons that definitely stick with us into adulthood. Like the time DJ Tanner experimented with makeup for the first time and ended up looking like a clown (or was that us?).

It took Aunt Becky to help DJ figure out that the trick to wearing makeup is to make it look like you’re not wearing any. We’ve got the next best thing to an Aunt Becky—in this video, wellness coach Jennifer Partridge calls on the wisdom of makeup artist Katherine Barber to show exactly how to do a “no makeup” makeup look. Even better—using entirely clean and safe cosmetics takes this natural look to the next level. Watch and learn every single tip you need to achieve the look of an off-duty model.

As for the goods? A mineral powder foundation provides nice coverage while still feeling lightweight—exactly what you want to let the natural beauty of your skin shine through while evening out skin tone. Follow it up with a little bit of mineral powder concealer to camouflage any dark circles or spots.

Choose an eye shadow in mauve, stone, or brown tones—experiment with each to see which looks prettiest with your coloring. Filling in brows can add lots of definition and youthfulness to your face. And whether you’re going for fresh-faced or high glamour, no look is complete without long luscious eyelashes—but opt for a natural mascara to keep lashes healthy.

Finish things off with a sweep of a brown-tone blush, and color the lips a peachy pink shade with lipstick, add a lip liner for definition, and a touch of lip balm for a kissable, subtle gloss. Muah!

Go ahead, snap a #nomakeup selfie—no one would ever guess, and we’ll never tell.

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Written by Dana Poblete 

Video credits

Produced and Directed by: Liza Glucoft

Director of Photography: Naeem Munaf

Editor: Stephanie Provence

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