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The other day a friend looked at me and said, I really like the wrinkles around your eyes, they look like butterfly wings…

And guess what happened!

I felt shame… OMG! I have wrinkles, and he is looking at my wrinkles.

I brushed it off with a polite thank you and an awkward smile.

And then I sat with it for the whole day. I asked myself why I was afraid of having my wrinkles looked at.

At that moment, I returned to a deep wisdom I learned many years ago when I was coming out of the modeling industry and throwing up food, counting my calories, and comparing myself and my body to everyone else.

In those days, I was misled to believe that my happiness, validation, acceptance, and love would only come from the outside world.

And in the world of social media, I see so many getting swept away by this illusion.

As a coach and a leader in transformation and healing, I see an important responsibility to embody a place of wholeness and to do my own inner work to clear out any beliefs that think my happiness, love, and self-worth come from anywhere else.

I see many teachers and coaches obsessed with how they look, plumping up their lips, hiding behind a story of success, and only showing a highlight reel of money, wealth, success, and fame.

Leaving little room for humbleness, truth, and vulnerability, which are the true ingredients of growth and personal development. Isn’t that the industry we are in?

Many of you reading this now are leaders or stepping into leadership roles with your offerings, so I ask you to ponder these questions…

What do you stand for? What is your message to the world? What are you embodying?

With all my heart and love, please don’t mislead yourself into thinking that anything is outside of you.

Your wholeness is right here in this moment, whether you have a million in your bank account or $5 to your name.

Whether you have perfect skin or are experiencing acne, wrinkles, bags under your eyes, freckles, skin pigmentation.

Whether you weigh 100lb or 300lb.

Whether you live in a multi-million dollar mansion or a humble studio.

I have had it all… the humble studio that only had cold running water, multi-million dollar homes, the “perfect” symmetrical face as a model, to butterfly wrinkles around my eyes, the occasional bloated belly, 3 people showing up to my webinars for almost a whole year to regularly having 500+ people show up to my webinars.

And ALL of it doesn’t compare to this feeling of wholeness I have inside myself.

Everything else will come and go. And that’s ok.

When you Tap into your wholeness, nothing can change your level of resilience and gratitude for life.

Plus, the side effect is, more people will trust you.

So as a coach, healer, mentor, mystic, or person on the path to transforming the world,

Remember to keep loving yourself because the way you love yourself IS your message and influence in the whole world.

You are a good human being, you have a powerful heart and YOU ARE WORTHY OF SHARING YOUR LOVE… that’s all you need.

Give yourself a self-love touch-up… here is a free Tapping session to love all that you are.

Click the video below and Tap into Self Love with me now.

I would love to hear from you after the Tap. How are you ready to love yourself more and how can that positively influence the world around you?

Let me know in the comments below.



Jennifer Partridge
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