Clearing out Ancestral Pain

Jennifer Partridge


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Today is a very special post…

Because we are getting DEEP.

I’m talking about ANCESTRAL HEALING.

That phrase miiiiight confuse you…

(It did for me when I first heard it!)

Let me explain: just like our hair color, or eye color… our PAIN can often be inherited.

That’s right! As crazy as it seems, if someone years ago in our ancestral line experienced a traumatic event…

That actually IMPRINTS on our DNA…

And can be passed down to future generations!

(In other words, your pain might not be entirely your own!)

But there’s more!

On top of the things we inherit… We absorb a LOT during our lives.

Especially in the early years!

From the ages of 0-6, we are BASICALLY sponges.

I mean it!

Children that young are in a HYPNOTIC STATE OF ABSORPTION.

They pick up EVERYTHING!!!

So their PAIN or TRAUMA you are holding onto… May not even be yours!

Today were are going to do some work to HEAL THAT PAIN.

We will help to heal YOUR pain… and…

We’ll also help to heal your ancestral lineage… and anyone who comes after you!

Exciting, huh???

Let’s get started!

I would love to hear from you after the Tap, visit the comment section and let me know if you were able to identify any points of pain? What did it feel like to acknowledge them? How are you going to move forward?

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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