Creating Healthy Boundaries

Jennifer Partridge


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Sometimes in life, we may feel taken advantage of, threatened or like our needs don’t matter. But they do!
Boundaries are imaginary lines that help you protect yourself both physically and emotionally. They keep other’s actions and behaviors from hurting, distracting, annoying, or imposing on you. Here are six signs that you need to create healthy boundaries:

  • You feel like people are walking all over you
  • Someone has taken advantage of your goodness
  • You have not been honoring your needs
  • You do not agree with a situation unfolding in your life
  • You are being forced or manipulate into doing something
  • You are afraid to speak your truth

All of these signs could mean it’s time to create healthy boundaries. This has often been an area of my life, I have not honored. But the pain it causes, has forced me to commit to it more fully. And what I have discovered along the way, is the more I do it, the more people respect me and my needs.

Give this free Power Tap a go and see if it can help empower you to create the boundaries you deserve.

People treat you as you allow them to; however, you can actually teach others how to treat you based on how strong or weak your boundaries are. I would love to hear how this Tapping session went for you and what you discovered, and what new boundaries you are creating in your life! Please let me know in the comments below.

Sending you all my love,

Jennifer Partridge
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