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Power Tap: Create Safety

Creating Safety


There are many ways our safety can be threatened in life and it is not just our physical safety that can be in danger. Our mental, emotional and spiritual safety are often areas that are overlooked but can feel as vulnerable as physical threat.

When our lack of safety is exposed in any way, we often find ourselves hiding, scared to speak up, protect yourself or stand for our truth. Yet in hiding away we are not granted any more feeling of refuge, because much of the time the threat lives inside our mind. With this we may continue to have feelings of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and uncomfortability.

Here are 6 signs that perhaps it’s time to create more safety in your life:

1. Someone or something is threatening you

2.You fear you can not physically protect yourself

3. You are concerned someone will take advantage of you

4. You are afraid of others people's judgements or opinions of you

5. There is an opportunity that feels risky to take

6. You are shrinking down in a communication with someone

In my own life, I have had my fair share of treacherous situations and I am continually learning how to create more safety, how to honor my own needs, and take care of this precious life that I have. This is why I have created this power tap for you, with the intention to help you create the safety both in the external world as well as the internal world.

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All my love and gratitude, Jen xox