Deep Dive Into Intimacy

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

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Let’s talk about something that’s truly EXCITING and SCARY at the same time!


Now don’t be scared, try to be curious…

I know that many of us (myself included) occasionally struggle with intimacy.

Because it means being completely seen. Revealed. Exposed.

Questions arise…

Will they still love me, if they see all of me? Ahhhhhhh!!!

Will they cherish my heart, or will I be hurt?

How open should I be?

Sooo many questions that flood our minds… Taking us further and further away from true intimacy.

But today, we’re going to shift the way we CONNECT.

First, let’s break down this important topic…

When we talk about intimacy, we talk about CLOSENESS.

Intimacy is a measurement of how CLOSE we are to those around us.

For example, you’re probably more intimate with your BFF than you are with your mailman!

Sometimes, we struggle to get close with others because of how we’ve been treated in the past.

Maybe you were hurt before, so now you struggle to get close with someone new.

Maybe you are having trouble getting closer to YOURSELF.

Fear not!

This power tap is all about building a sense of intimacy by strengthening the relationship you have to YOURSELF.

Once you are more connected with YOU…

… You feel much more safe to connect to the outside world!

This is a perfect power tap if you’re preparing for a date, going out with your partner, wishing to create deeper friendships or if you simply want to connect more to YOU.

Ready to dive deep? Let’s go!

After Tapping, visit the comment section and let me know how this Tapping session shifted your perspective. How do you relate to intimacy? In what ways can you become closer to yourself, and those you love?

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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