Deepak Chopra: How to Live A Balanced Life?

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Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed? Do you ever wonder if you could have the life of your dreams without having the stress and the overwhelm of the everyday? Well, I have just the solution for you: Deepak Chopra and he’s here with us today, and I’m grateful to discuss how to create the life of your dreams without having the extra stress.

Jen:  Deepak, can you tell us your five top tips to creating a balanced life?

Deepak: Creating a balanced life, the five most important things, I think, are: Good Sleep every day. Mediation, Some kind of movement whether that’s yoga, breathing exercises. Emotions that connect you to life such as love, compassion, joy, equanimity. And food that’s not toxic, that doesn’t come from a factory.

Jen: How do you see the individual having these practices then the collective, social larger picture.

Deepak: I think if you start every day with these four intentions: joyful energetic body, loving compassionate heart, reflective alert mind, and lightness of being, then you allow your day to organize itself around these intentions. Therefore, meditation and seeding your conscious with these intentions is the best way to orchestrate the fulfillment of these intentions.

Jen: That’s beautiful because you’re at such a master in manifestation and teaching this to the world. In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, you were talking about this exact technique in creating a field where you can then place that intention into the field. How does that actually work? Because we can do it and see that it’s happening, but can you share from the basic science and the law of physics.

Deepak: Well, the basic thing to understand is that you are not your body, nor are you your emotions or your body or anything in the realm of thought. You are your awareness. It’s here, your awareness. If you could just take that same awareness and put it back into who’s doing the interview or you could be aware of the camera or you could be aware of a mountain in the distance, you could be aware of this space. When you play with you awareness, you realize that it’s not your property. It’s everywhere. It’s out in the galaxy if you put your awareness on a star.

So, the key is to shift your internal reference point from your ego identity, which doesn’t actually exist (there’s no one there) to this field, which is everywhere, and then if you seed the intention there, this field connects everything with everything else. The key is to transcend from your personal to your field identity. Transcend. That’s done through various kinds of meditations. To seed the intention. Then, let it go. Like a good gardener doesn’t dig out the ground every day to see how the seed is developing.

Jen: *Laughs* Not quite yet

Deepak: Then let it go and then because you’ve seeded it in the field that’s instantly correlating everything that’s happening in the universe, you let the universe handle the details. So, you’re detached. If you’re holding on to something, then what you’re holding onto doesn’t even exist because on the abstract world of consciousness in consciousness everything is transforming, everything is evolving. So, it’s actually impossible to hold onto an activity. If you hold onto a thing: this chair. Consciousness is not a noun; it’s a verb, which means it’s constantly on the move. And let it go.

Jen: Beautiful. I remember when I was first getting on the path. It can be kind of confusing and scary when you’re trying to understand what everything is. Is there a piece of wisdom that you could share with someone who’s feeling lost and trying to find themselves within the chaos of their beliefs and their identity?

Deepak: I think if you take even 5 minutes a day, close your eyes, watch your breath, and in that stillness ask a few questions of yourself: Who Am I? You don’t have to know the answers. What Do I Want? Determine if you want something. Just allow that sensation, that image or thought to come to you. What’s My Purpose? and What Am I Grateful For? Gratitude actually opens the door to abundance.

Jen: I have one more question. You have done so much in your life, everything from growing up in India, to working in small little communities in India, all the way to being on television. You’ve had such an expansive life and seen so much. In your own experience of everything that you’ve learned for yourself on your own journey, what would you say that you would take away from yourself as a piece of wisdom?

Deepak: It’s sounds stupid now, but it’s take it easy.

Jen: *Laughs* Thank you! Right? Well, I feel like that is the piece that we get to really share with our audience today: how to really clear the stress out…take it easy. Beautiful.

Deepak: Easy come, easy go.

Jen: Easy come, easy go. Well, thank you so much, Deepak. If you guys want to check out Deepak online, you can go to the chopracenter.com and subscribe to our videos for more interviews and insights!

As we follow these simple steps that Deepak has set out for us, life can become balanced and the fulfillment of our highest intentions can manifest.

I hope you enjoy this interview, please let us know your thoughts and comments below!


Jennifer Partridge
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