DIY Body Butter – Great Holiday Gift

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There is nothing more enjoyable than putting fluffy, rich body butter on, especially when it smells like vanilla ice-cream! This recipe is great for creating gifts or simply a wonderful thing to have in your own beauty routine. These are the ingredients you need:

½ Cup of coconut Oil

½ cup of raw shea butter

4oz sweet almond oil

Essential Oils of your choice 80 drops (vanilla and cinnamon)

Follow these simple steps!

Step 1 – Melt all the coconut oil and shea butter together (5 minutes)

Step 2– Pour into stainless steel bowl

Step 3 – Sit in fridge or freezer (once it hardens couple hours) Touch it to make a dent

Step 4 – Bring out your whisk and add the almond oil as you whisk start creating some fluffiness. (10 mins)

Step 5 – As it really start to whip drop in your essential oils

Step 6 – If it is not firming up enough, stick in freezer a little longer

Step 7 – Place it in your jars

I hope you have enjoyed making this body butter, I am sure you smell simply delicious!

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