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Relationships. Work Performance. Behavior

Kate Goldstein

Kate Goldstein

Kate’s soul-based coaching is results driven, sought-after and always personalized. A graduate of the Somatic Psychotherapy Certification Course from Antioch University, Kate weaves her 20 year professional wellness career into every EFT session. Kate is a graduate of Landmark and MITT’s Advanced Courses, and an Instructor for the Clinical application of essential oils. Focusing on excellence/performance at work & home, she masterfully facilitates the clearing of unwanted behavior, painful flashbacks & other symptoms associated with trauma and the human condition.

Trauma. Creativity. Addiction

Patricia Sill

Patricia Sill is devoted to the art of transformation. Her own, as well as yours. Equal parts warrior, teacher, alchemist and healing artist. Patricia guides her clients to surrender what no longer serves them and tap into their souls to access their vision, highest potential and frolic in a life they love.

Patricia’s session work is sourced from her extensive creative and healing arts education. As a certified Dream Awake EFT coach, she holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from USM, is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sacred Contracts Archetypal Consultant, and Breath Work Facilitator. As a life long professional actress, Patricia knows how to help her clients access their issues and gently guide them into bringing healing to those places that hurt while helping them anchor themselves in their Gene Keys!

Anxiety. Relationships. Grief

Jenna Grayson

Jenna Grayson, C.Ht., HTP has been working 1:1 with clients since 2007 and specializes in helping people transcend the limitations of anxiety and limiting beliefs. Jenna has a background in mental health, energy healing, and hypnotherapy. She brings an integrative approach to sessions, recognizing the power of EFT to restore wholeness to the person from within. Jenna’s primary intention is to be a healing presence on the planet.


Hannah Joy

Hannah is an EFT Practitioner and meditation guide, inspiring inner evolution in others through self-awareness and creative expression. She supports her clients in listening to the wisdom of the body to release deep emotional blockages and trauma from the root. In a dynamic marriage of forgiveness, radical acceptance, and intuitive guided visualizations, clients rediscover that self-love is their innate superpower. Hannah is honored and humbled to work with anyone on their healing journey. And she particularly delights in being the space holder and wisdom navigator for people pregnant or postpartum, the LGBTQ community, ceremonial grief work and executives..

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