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Courage to Create Change

Wanderlust Hollywood
Los Angeles
357 N Highland Ave
California United States 90028
May 24 2017-May 24 2017
7:00 pm-9:00 pm


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Jennifer Partridge, author of Dream Awake, guides you through Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping). A simple yet profound tool to rewire your brain, heal your emotional body and step into your greatest potential.

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Are the area's in your life you wish to change, yet you feel scared about taking the leap? If so, then this Tapping Workshop is just for you. Join JenniferPartridge as she guides you into releasing fear, procrastination and stagnation so that you may live the life of your wildest dreams. Together you will be dared to think big, to be courageous and to take a leap into the unknown... What you will discover is a life deeply fulfilling and nourished by your highest expression.

Area’s of focus include:

1. Release sub-conscious fears that hold you back
2. Reprogram limiting beliefs of doubt and shame
3. Shake off stagnation and become fierce in your power
4. Discover what your highest visions are for your life
5. Cultivate excitement in taking risks and leaping into your dreams

Jennifer Brooke Partridge, has been working in the holistic fields of body, mind, spirit for over ten years. She has spent time traveling the world, studying ancient knowledge in remote locations, monasteries, and in tribal villages across India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and across South America. Jennifer is accredited as a Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher as recognized by International Yoga Federation. Jennifer has spent collectively one year living and studying in India where she has deepened her knowledge in Ayurveda, Traditional Indian Music, Chanting and Harmonium as well as studying ancient texts from the Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana and other Vedic literature. She is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator and has assisted many in the healing of traumas in areas from relationships, personal power, sexuality, self expression & creativity, physical health and many others.    


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