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Jennifer Partridge


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Today we’re talking about something that may make your blood sizzle.

I’m talking about… (cue scary music)…

EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS! Mwah… ha.. ha… haaaaa.

You know what I’m talking about…

An emotional trigger is when someone says something that affects your EMOTIONS,


Occasionally makes you want to pull some kung-fu shit on the person!

This happens ALL the TIME with co-workers, friends, family….

But it’s PARTICULARLY frustrating when it happens with a ROMANTIC PARTNER.

This is because when we’re triggered emotionally by our partners,

we’re often DISAPPOINTED by something that they have said or done.

We wonder if they are truly the right match for us, because they are no longer meeting all our expectations.

We may want to change them, distance them, or withhold love.

But here’s the THING:

Often times a trigger says more about YOU than it does your PARTNER. Woops!

Feeling triggered is an opportunity for you to go deeper into yourself and HEAL.

Because YOU have the power!

This allows your partner (and you) to have all your dreams and desires!

And SUPPORT one another rather than HOLD each other BACK.

When you accept your partner for who they are….

You are able to grow as a TEAM.



After watching the video, visit the comment section and let me know how this topic shifted your perspective. What are some of your emotional triggers? What did paying attention to them teach you?

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge

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