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Find Your Happy Place

Today I invite you to find your happy place. Your happy place is not where you are located, your happy place is not what you have. Your happy place is not what you have achieved. These are things that are happening in the outside world. These are the outside circumstances of your life. And yes these can bring temporary moments of happiness. But you could be walking on a tropical beach like me and be unhappy and the person next to you could be over the moon, ecstatic. And why is that?

The Challenge

The reason we have trouble locating our true happy place, is because we have forgotten our connection to the internal place. The true place of happy is the place inside of yourself. The place inside of yourself that knows that everything is okay, no matter what the outside circumstances look like, no matter what is happening in your life, no matter who is hurting you, no matter what damage has been done, that there is a happy place beyond all circumstances.

We have an opportunity to drop into our happy place, every day and every moment. The truth is we just have not been taught as a society or as a culture to do that and so we get into these dramas, we go into addictive patterns, and places within ourselves where we feel like all is lost. The only reason we go into this is because we haven't had that continual practice of soaking our fabric of consciousness into love.  We haven't been taught to dip that much  into that beautiful color of consciousness. So we get controlled by these outside circumstances, we get controlled by what's happening in our life; who broke up with who, and what we are missing out on, and what didn't work out, and all of that then affects our happiness, all of that then affects our ability to feel at ease in our day and to feel grateful for this amazing life that we actually truly have. 

The Opportunity

When seeking to find a solution to this madness, you can try many self help remedies.  You can do positive thoughts, affirmations and they may give you a temporary boost. Yet there is something so far beyond all these techniques that will take you there. It's your true identity. It's the place you truly reside from always, when you are not isolating your perception on the surface of reality.

The surface of reality is where all the waves are, it's where all of that energy is firing up (the drama, conflict and pain). Yet whe you drop below the waves, and get a little bit deeper within your meditative self, you will discover calmness. When you swim a little bit deeper into your being there is nothing but peace available. When you swim deeper, you start to discover gratitude, because you know there is more space and you are no longer on top of the shore, trying to get air, trying to fight for your life. When you dip deeper into your being, you discover where your true happy place is. That's what my happy place it. That's what your happy place is  and that's what ever single human being on the planets happy place is.

Ask yourself this!

The invitation today is; Instead of getting caught on the surface right now, and being fired up by what's happening or what's not happening, or what you don't have in your life. Can you take a moment and drop in to your happy place. Drop in and ask yourself, is the story you are telling yourself about life not being happy or good, or unfair. Is it really true?  Or is it a perception on the surface of reality because you forgot to drop  in deeper, because you forgot to remember this space inside yourself?

Make a commitment

Let's do this journey together and let's remind everyone else of what's possible. Let's remind the world that life is good. Life is beautiful. And let's get out of our heads and into our hearts. Because that's where all the beauty, all the magic, all the joy, all the connection, all the unity that we are truly desiring lives. Let's get out of our heads and into our hearts and find our true happy place.

I would love to hear what you are choosing for yourself today in the comments below. What type of life are you choosing for yourself and what type of life are you choosing to live? I am so grateful that we get to remind each other, how beautiful and blessed our lives are.

All my love, Jen xox


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