Find the Power to Have Honest Conversations

Jennifer Partridge


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Who here is TOTALLY comfortable with being vulnerable??

Let me guess… Even the bravest of us sometimes struggle with showing our authentic selves.

Which makes TOTAL sense… It can be scary to bring your heart and soul to the table!

Many of us (yours truly included) have struggled with taking a RISK and opening ourselves up to the notion that we might be REJECTED.

Maybe we have a history of getting hurt, and so we shield ourselves off from ANY potential pain..

Instead of having honest conversations, we let the resentment and the fear build…

And build…

And build…

Until BOOM! Relationship implosion. ⚡️😲😮⚡️

Or maybe we just pretend nothing is bothering us, which LIMITS our ability to have an authentic and REAL connection.

Because the thing is… The conversations that we are most afraid of having…

Are often the ones we NEED to have.

And when we have these conversations… Even the toughest ones that make us quiver with fear…

We create authentic, powerful, and TRUE intimacy.

Our relationships move FORWARD instead of staying in one place!

And all it takes is the bravery to have those honest conversations.

Now. How do you generate that bravery?

It starts with going inward and discovering what is blocking you from getting deep with your partner.

Because even if we logically know it’s good for us to have honest conversations… There might be an internal blocker holding us back.

So when we get quiet, go inward, and address those issues head-on, we ELIMINATE the blocker!

Now: how do we start going inward? We TAP!

How do you feel after the Tap? What are some of your internal blockers? Are there any steps you can take to start to let those things go?

Let me know what you discovered in the comments below!

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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