Heal Your Shame

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

My beloved friend,

This hiding and shame that I have felt for so long,

needs to be aired out now.

Shame is like a cloud that moves from one place to the next,

until you let it rain.

And it is time to rain.

How long can we hold onto secret memories, inner criticisms and self judgements for?

The only thing they serve is to make us smaller, weaker, and doubt our divinity.

I ask that you hold my share in your love, because for me;

It is vulnerable. It is truth. And there is shame.

But I know speaking it out loud, heals it

and anyone who judges it, is just dealing with their own shame.

For over 15 years, I have struggled with the swelling of a gland in my vagina.

It is a genetic inheritance that my mother also had.

There have been times in my life where it is so painful I can not walk.

I have had surgery, but occasionally she comes back to remind me of what still needs to be healed.

It has made me self conscious, and judgmental of the most divine gift I have.

My flower.

Yet, I know on a much deeper level, her aches, pains and shames are calling and sometimes screaming for my love and to;

… worship her.

… create boundaries to protect her.

… listen to her.

… let her move slowly.

And to reshape a very old story of sexual abuse, where I first picked up the shame and the hiding.

I don’t want to hide anymore.

I am done with hiding.

I have hid for so long.

And I deserve to be free.

She deserves to be free.

Because she is beautiful.

She is sacred.

She is divine.

In this moment, you are my witness.

I release my self consciousness surrounding her being witnessed in the glorious light that she is.

She is beautiful.

Thank you for witnessing her.

For witnessing me.

Do you hold shame around anything in your life? Or do you try to conceal the truth of how you deeply feel inside? Welcome to being human.

If you want to clear out shame, try this short Tap with me below.

You are worthy of it.

There is much work to be done, in honoring our sacred sexuality and the first step is clearing out our shame.

Our sexuality is not just about pleasure, it’s about healing, connection, intimacy, listening, union, letting go, liberation and the creation of life itself.

My prayer is that we learn to hold our sexuality in the light, to be seen and to be free.

To let go of our shame and

let our freak flags fly.

There is nothing to hide.

It is all sacred.


Would love to hear what you discovered in the Tap! Leave a comment in the section below! 

All my love and hugs,



Jennifer Partridge
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