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Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

If you love helping others or are in the transformational fields… I am sure you have had that moment, where you just………. did. not. want. to. show. up. for others.

Perhaps you had your own dramas to deal with and you felt…..

….. you. just. don’t. have. the energy.

But you promised you would. It is on the calendar and you have committed.

Ahhhhh!!!!! Thunder, lightning… grey clouds start to move in ☁️⚡️🌧

Before I became a Tapping coach, this was something that arose for me…

I was sharing many healing modalities; massage, energy healing, breathwork, yoga, visualization, strategy…

And… when I was having a low day… (because let’s be real… we all have them!) I had to pull from every resource in my being to show up for my clients and family.

When I discovered Tapping… This shifted permanently 🤯

I started to witness amazing surges of energy, inspiration, healing and clarity arise for me after my sessions.

My clients’ breakthroughs were helping my own breakthroughs.

That’s when I discovered what they call in Tapping; “Borrowed Benefits”

As you guide your clients through a Tapping session, you are simultaneously giving yourself a session at the same time. How perfectly selfish is that! 😍

There is a scientific reason why all this happens which I go into more detail in my upcoming Tapping Certification (hop on the waitlist here)

But for now, I want to share a basic Tapping principle that will heal and transform you and your clients at the same time. POW 💥 WOW

It is at the core of transforming ANY challenge.



  1. Tap on your chest and guide your client to do the same, then take some deep breaths.
  2. Have your client speak their issue out loud.
  3. Guide them through a call and response by saying:
      (a) “Even though I am struggling with _____(repeat their issue)______ I love and deeply accept myself.
      (b) “I am still worthy of love”
      (c) “I am ready to release this now”
  4. Take some more deep breaths.

You can repeat this process for many rounds, and you will start to notice the energy shifting in both you and your client.

There are so many techniques out there, many coaches try all sorts of strategies overcomplicating the issue.

What I have seen over and over again, is that supporting a person to relax their nervous system through love and acceptance will always create a quicker change.

The reason is that you are no longer forcing or pushing them to make the change.

Change becomes a natural by-product of the love and acceptance they feel.

If you want to experience a healthy dose of love and acceptance in your own life, I have a special deep dive workshop that I recorded while in LA on this very topic.

It is my honor to share this practice with you as you create powerful change in the world.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you are becoming.



Jennifer Partridge
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