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For anyone that thinks you should be over something already… love and forgive yourself.

Because healing and letting go is truly non-linear.

For many months I still had not let go of the way my relationship ended and I thought it would be helpful to share my process.

After being together for 10 years, we had both decided to have time in separation, to take a review of the relationship, and in that time he met another partner.

… and by the time we both decided to choose different paths, there was not a lot of space available to process it in person.

The final moments of our closing felt rushed, as I was moving my stuff out of our house that we built together, his new partner was moving her stuff in.

I held onto the pain of this for a long time.

Yet, the truth is that things happen in life that can often feel unjust, painful, or even unfair.

And in most cases, no one truly intends to create pain for the other, we are all just clumsy.

I have come to realize that is just the way the universe pulls off the bandaid.

Then we must go back and heal the wound from where it ripped.

When a trauma happens or something impacts our life, we do not always have the energy and resources inside to process it all at once.

So these unresolved aspects sit inside of us, draining our energy in the background until they are finally resolved.

The impact of pain and trauma can create lots of unresolved emotions, beliefs, fears, and insecurities.

And each one of them requires our full presence and love to heal.

This comes at a perfect time, as I am officially re-opening my Personal Peace Process Program to heal and set yourself free from anything holding you back on May 16th. To get on the waitlist, click here.

Whether that be unprocessed relationships, limiting money beliefs, blocks in your power and potential, and your ability to love yourself exactly as you are, Tapping can help.

If you are needing extra support in your healing process right now, below is a Tap to Heal Your Inner Child.

After all this time, I am grateful for how my relationship ended. It was not always comfortable, but it was necessary.

Who I have become because of the healing process is extraordinary. I am more me than I have ever been.

I want you to know that healing and transformation are possible, and when you give yourself the time, you can make truly momentous changes in your life.

Thanks for honoring yourself and your healing journey.

All my love,


Jennifer Partridge
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