From Trauma to Triumph, Peter Alsop on Healing Your Inner Child

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You know that moment when your whole life starts to make sense?

… including all of those tantrums, power struggles and let downs…

Well, my guest in today’s interview, Peter Alsop supports us in understanding where our struggles really come from.

He’s one of the most compassionate and funny psychologists on the planet –– as well as the winner of 8 best children’s album awards.

Today he’s on Dream Awake TV showing us how to heal our inner child.

You’ll learn:

  • How to bring love to your inner child.
  • The difference between healing as a child and healing as an adult.
  • The influence of music in healing.
  • How to transform family patterns that were passed down.
  • Peter’s trick to helping your children stop rebelling.
  • How to dissolve your resistance to learning.

​While listening to one of his songs “My Body” on Spotify, I was reminded how important it is to encourage our children to sing songs that affirm boundaries, the love of their body and the gift of their life. If you have any children, you should definitely check him out on Spotify.

And if you’re an adult and your inner child has been battling with emotional ups and downs, then this conversation will surely open you up to heal, understand and move forward with more love in your life.

I want your inner child to know that you are so worthy of love, attention, safety, presence, freedom and an occasional big bear hug.

How does your inner child want to express his/herself and how will this benefit your life moving forward? What are you inspired to do or create as a result of connecting with your inner child?

Let me know in the comment section below. I love hearing from you!

With all my love,


Jennifer Partridge
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