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Ever have a friend, lover, family member or client… overstep your boundaries?


In the early stages of opening my healing practice, this happened to me a LOT…

Clients would emotionally dump on me outside of our sessions, give me high volumes of unexpected calls and emails, mistake me as a friend rather than a mentor and have a blurry relationship with me around money, payment and finances.

And guessssssss whose fault it was…. ALL MINE….

I complained to others, I pointed out why it was wrong behind their back…

Yet it was me all along who did not communicate or even understand what boundaries I needed, in order to thrive and have healthy, expansive relationships.

After a lot of unnecessary drama 😬……

……I later realized that if we do not set clean and clear boundaries with our clients (or anyone for that concern), no one will know what they are. Sooo how the hell…. can they be honored?!? 😱🔥

The truth is:

Our clients thrive so much more, when we are clear about what our boundaries are for working together.

Does a package with you mean….

They have access to you between sessions? Can they leave you voice messages? What is your commitment and response time to them? Are you showing up in other ways outside of the session? Are you clear about your value and time? What happens if a session goes over time?

These are just some questions that will help you define your packages and your boundaries.


Having your boundaries crossed is not an issue, it is simply an opportunity to clarify your desires and needs even more. That’s it!

This is something that I guide my coaches through in my 6 month Dream Awake Tapping Coach Certification. I want both my students and their clients to thrive, and having clarity around expectations is imperative.

You can practice clear boundaries with your loved ones, friends, family and anyone in your life and everyone will benefit.

Growing up as a child you may not have been taught appropriate boundaries or you may have been shamed for communicating them. As you heal your own betrayal or suppression of boundaries, it becomes so much easier to know and express your boundaries freely.

One of the biggest boundaries that I find my clients and students struggle with the most is permission to say NO…

And if this is something that you also struggle with, then I encourage you to give this short FREE Tapping Session a go “Permission to Say No”

It will support you in clearly saying your no with confidence and create thriving relationships built on trust.

After considering your new and healthy boundaries, I would love to hear from you.  Let me know in the comments belwo what new boundaries are you ready to set in your life? And how can these boundaries both support you and ultimately the world around you?



Jennifer Partridge
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