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Gone are the good ol’ days of our zen meditation rooms and cozy coaching offices…

And that comforting feeling you get when you enter your coach’s office with lit candles, incense burning, soft lighting, and a cozy couch to share your darkest secrets.

Now we are showing up to the unpredictable zoom room, webinar office, and google meet in an attempt to drown our sorrows, release old habits and love ourselves once again.

Many coaches out there who are jumping into this new wave of sharing are inspired by the freedom it brings…

We get to live where we want.

Create our own hours.

And serve people all across the planet.

The freedom is amazing!

But did your coaching school show you how to set up a sacred and safe digital container for you and your clients?

Having a sacred digital office is more than just showing up at the right time.

And if no one showed you the ropes, it’s possible you could be missing some very obvious details that could help you and your client feel more at home and at ease in a session.

I pride myself on sharing with my Tapping Certification students the importance of creating a sacred space in the digital realm.

One side is the technological aspect of a good microphone, high-quality camera, and speakers or headset.

Plus appealing attire, don’t wear anything too busy and I know you are at home, but this does not permit pajamas.

Creating a mood while digitally serving your clients is an art.

The truth is, the environment is as important for you as a coach as it is for your client.

If you have dirty laundry in the background, poor lighting, and a busy backdrop, both you and your client could feel disconnected and may not get the shifts you are desiring.

Next time you set up your zoom room or webinar to serve your clients, ask yourself this, “Would I invite my clients physically into this space right now?” If the answer is no, you should probably do a reset before hopping on the call.

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Jennifer Partridge
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