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Power Tap: How to Find Clarity

Sometimes in life we just don’t know left from right. The combination of too many decisions and fears of making the wrong one, can stop us in our tracks and leave us feeling very unclear.  Here are some signs that you may have lost clarity:

1. You are finding it hard to make a decision
2. You are overwhelmed with choices but do not know the correct one
3. You want to try something new,
but are afraid of trying
4. You have way too many thoughts in your mind
5. Others are putting pressure on you with their expectations
6. You are in conflict with someone and do not know what truth to trust

If you have lost your clarity, the most important thing you can do for yourself is STOP what you are doing, and clear out the overwhelm. When we attempt to pressure ourselves into moving forward regardless of not knowing the correct decision, we could end up in even more mess than before.

This is where Tapping has been a huge support for me, as it helps me clear out the overwhelm so that I can see more clearly. I have created this Power Tap for you, so that you may also activate the pure inspiration and clarity you deserve in your life!

This Tapping session will support you in the following ways: Let go of confusion and overwhelm, release fear of making the wrong choices, let go of other people’s opinion, create courage to listen within, step into the unknown with certainty and to trust your intuitive impulse!

Let me know how it goes and what you discovered in the journey! 

All my love,