How to Find More Happiness

Jennifer Partridge


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Are you putting all your happiness outside of yourself?

Thinking…. you will be happy…

When you achieve that success.

When you have that perfect partner.

When the people around you behave exactly how you want them to.

When you achieve the perfect weight.

When… When…. When…. When….

The real question we should be asking ourselves is:

When will I stop thinking that my happiness is dependent on external situations?

If reality does not go E.XA.C.T.L.Y how we planned, for some reason at times we give ourselves permission to blame reality, or become the victim.

And of course…. It is ALWAYS justified, right? Ahemmmm…. Don’t look at me.

Yet, being the victim does not help us find a solution.

This week while in Costa Rica we had thieves break into my house and steal our computers and a bunch of money.

When these types of situations occur, it is totally justified that one may feel anger, sadness, betrayal or resentment towards the people who committed the crime.

But I didn’t…

I chose to use it as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

I could have allowed a flood of chemicals, of stress, cortisol and adrenaline to flood my body.

But I didn’t.

I realized that the most important thing I own in life is my state of being.

It is not my objects, success, or the things I own.

I am deeply grateful for all these things…

Yet, I know that the most valuable thing I own is my inner state of being.

This is why I love Tapping so much, because it allows us to quickly clear out the victim state and come back into a state of gratitude, no matter what is happening.

From this state of gratitude, we think more clearly and ultimately are able to create better solutions than if we were in an overwhelmed state.

When we prioritize our state of being before everything else, then we have the upper hand on life.

If you are ready to take the higher road, then try this free 20 minute Tapping Session

Here is my invitation to you…

Is there anywhere in your life that you are feeling victim energy? And can you shift it today?

Please write back to me in the comments below, what new beliefs are you ready to create in your life that are empowering?

I always love to hear from you.



Jennifer Partridge
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