How to Heal the Ego

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​​Let’s be real… We are all faced with power struggles either with our partners, family members, friends or work colleagues.

Often, it comes from both sides… which is an amazing recipe for fireworks!

And when it comes to the ego…

Well, we all know the ego wants to be right…

Actually… better yet. The EGO IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! You feel me?

Recently I was rubbing up against my beloved, not in the fun sensual kind of way…

But in a way that was pressing each other’s buttons. Roooaaaarrrr !!!! 🦁

It became a whirlwind of energy where I was lost in what was mine and what was truly his.

Was it all me? Was it him? Something in between?

A few realizations came to me in reflection, which I am pleased to have lived to tell the tale… and perhaps help you avoid any unnecessary theatrical show for yourself.

When cast into a turbulent combat of the egos, this could help you through the gauntlet:

1.  Create S P A C E

When the mind is trying to prove something, protect something or even understand something new, it needs space to integrate. If you are so busy trying to calculate the next thing you are going to say, or prove a point this could be a clear sign that the ego is at play.

Creating space, whether that be physical space, or taking a moment to be in silence is a great starting point, to separate our ego from the truth.

2.  Check your R E A C T I V I T Y

When trying to spot my own ego, I do one thing while listening to the other person’s perspective, I continually ask myself the following: “Is this offendeding me?”

When we can hear the other person, even if they are spewing out profanity and still be in a place of balance and peace, then my friend…. You must know, it is not your ego.

However, if there is an offense, a stirring of adrenalin, an impulse to fight back, then it’s likely there is some deeper work for you to do in the experience with your wounded ego.

Arriving at a place of neutrality, and balance inside does not mean that you cast away your truth, wisdom or perspective. It just means you are so grounded in the foundation of your own truth, that there is nothing to prove. The realization is that:

People will not always get you…. And that’s ok!

What’s important is that you get you. When we can sit in that place of deep peace inside, the changing tides, the relationship dynamics, other people’s opinions will have little control over you.

AND…. just in case there is a little reaction inside of you… (I won’t tell anyone it’s your ego! Hehe..)

What you can do is try this tap and clear out your triggers.

Then guess who wins the fight…. YOU…. (but not your ego… hehe)

I would love to hear from you, please let me know in the comments below and tell me how you spot your ego and what practices you use to create a place of harmony in your relationships.

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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