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How To Live Your Life Purpose

When we think about our life purpose, we may either feel it out of reach or think it is too hard to achieve. But if it’s in us, then it is there for a reason. Join me in this explosive Tapping / EFT workshop designed to light you up and to live your life purpose!

  • Get clarity on your life purpose, what it is and how it looks
  • Release self doubt, unworthiness and self sabotage
  • Recognize the guiding posts throughout your life pointing you to your purpose
  • Learn your souls ways of guiding you to success through feeling
  • Magnify & activate more of what feels good
  • Relax into grace as you watch it unfold

Here's a chart of the tapping points to review, and feel free to turn on captions for the video. 


How did this tapping session go for you?  What did you discover about your life purpose? We are all in this together, so the more you share your visions with the world, the quicker your visions will manifest!  It is my honor to support you in activating your life purpose.

Love, Jen