How to Trust the Universe

Jennifer Partridge


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Are you scared of the unknown?

Are you worried about the future?

Maybe even the smallest of things like what will you be having for dinner tonight?

You are not alone my fellow human- all of us live in SUCH FEAR. Also, do not blame yourself

for this one.

You will be comforted to know that there is even a space in the brain called the amygdala just

for fear to live.

The good thing is, we have the tools to CHANGE THIS together and free ourselves.

Trusting the unknown is one of the scariest but NECESSARY things we can do in life.

However, the more open to TRUST, LISTENING, SURRENDERING we become, the more we will be able to feel the infinite magical love of the universe.

And who doesn’t want to experience MAGIC?!

You know that feeling when you completely let go and are in that state of flow?

Everything seems to work your way, doesn’t it 🙂

You hit every green light, your favorite song comes on the radio, you have a good hair day and your favorite shirt is suddenly on sale!

You can have more and more days like this, I promise you.

There are many sectors of neuroscience studying how fear manifests in consciousness and reality.

We are discovering more and more modalities to release and surrender such as EFT, exposure therapy and positive thinking.

All of these are scientific tools to release stress from the subconscious and live from a place of ease.

I know it’s scary but the more you trust the unknown, the more the unknown will show up for you.

Allow yourself to be supported, you deserve it. Take risks and break free of your mind telling you to live in fear.

Learn how in my valuable tap below:

“how to trust the universe”

After giving the Tapping session a go let me know what area of your life you are moving into deeper trust around. When we live in trust instead of fear our lives expand tremendously.


Jennifer Partridge

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