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Trust Yourself

Power Tap: How To Trust Yourself

Trust YourselfSometimes the hardest thing to do in the world is trust yourself, because it often means taking risks and at times being what others don’t want you to be. Yet, trusting yourself will always guide you to a place of power and strength. 

Here are six signs that perhaps you need to trust yourself more.

  • You doubt which direction to take in life
  • You are hesitating on moving forward in a relationship, career choice or life transition
  • Other people are pressuring you to do it their way
  • Others are not trusting you, so you are questioning yourself
  • You fear making a mistake and so are frozen
  • There is a new opportunity presenting itself that could expand your life


All of these signs could mean it’s time trust yourself more and perhaps take that leap of faith that you know is inside of you. I have created this free power tap for you to invite you into a deeper place of trust. I hope it helps and let me know in the comments below what you discover.

All my love, Jen xo


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