Meditation to Silence the Negative Voice

Jennifer Partridge


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“You’re not good enough.” My mind whispers vicious comments to me sometimes. But I’m not crazy, and neither are you. All of us have that bully inside our heads that pops up when we need it the least. Sometimes that nagging voice is trying to protect us—from disappointment, embarrassment, whatever. The truth is that it doesn’t serve us at all. What it really does is intensify negative thought patterns that live in our subconscious, limiting our life force and restraining us from chasing our dreams and expressing our true selves.

Here’s a meditation that will finally set you free. Acknowledging pessimistic thoughts and then letting them go as you exhale softens the feelings surrounding them. The practice really helps dissolve negativity in the subconscious and creates more space for positivity. Cupping your hands in front of the chest tunes into the unconditional love, forgiveness, and empathy in the heart chakra and magnifies that good energy.

“I am good enough.” That’ll be the new refrain that reverberates through your life. Press play to learn the technique.

How did you enjoy this meditation?

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Jennifer Partridge
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