Let her be wild

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

Jennifer Partridge

The woman in your life… whether you are a woman… or you love a woman… let her be wild… let her go wild.

A woman that is in touch with the wildness, freedom, rawness, and rouses in the elements of life is a woman that will not control you.

For a woman that is wild, wants nothing more than freedom herself…

Not freedom from the other. But freedom in her soul. Freedom in her being.

She seeks and desires nothing more that the venereal expression of an untamed horse that wildly runs unhampered in the open expansive plane of nature’s home.

Nothing holding her back, free.

Let her be wild.

And you will receive all that you desire from her. You will be given freedom, because she will not have time to hold you back…

because she is too busy being free. She will encourage you to be all that you can be. She will know that your desires are just as important as her desire to be free.

And with this, could not bare to hold you back…

even if in a moment her wild spirit becomes tame, and she forgets the raw beauty of her own freedom.

There will be a space inside her, knowing that there is more. And therefore more for you too.

So men, I ask you… to let your woman be wild. Let her roar like a crazy animal. Let her kick and scream in catharsis.

Knowing that all she truly wants is to be wild and free on the inside. And once given a taste, she will not look back.

She will not be the housewife. She will not be limited to a single roll. She will be it all.

For a woman has the capacity to be it all. Not because you want her to be. But because she knows she can and she has permission to be.

A woman is an embodiment, and sacred vessel that is capable of channelling all the energies of the cosmos.

She is a vessel and all of creation wants to express through her.

You desire her to be sexy? Then let her be wild. She will be sexy for you in ways you could not currently imagine.

Because your imagination is limited to the magazines you’ve read, the videos you have watched and the media you have seen of “sexy” woman.

True sexiness, is beyond these pictures… A woman embodying herself fully is truly sexy.

She is not doing it to please you. She is doing it because it feels so god damn good!

And so if you try to hold her back, put a role on her. Her wild spirit will diminish and the reason you love her will change. For it is her wildness that you fell in love with. Yes, she can cook you dinner and take care of your babies… but she is so much more than that. She is all of creation.

Let her be wild. Let her spirit be free. And you my friend, will also be free…

Jennifer Partridge
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