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Have you ever been in a fight and realized all you want is love, yet you keep pushing it (or them) away?!


We’ve all been there. In fact, when I first started dating Gunnar, I used to dance in that place often.

I would get angry (ahhh…. like a venomous monster) at him for being too busy with work.

And in the process of expressing my reckless impatience, I would push him further away.

My attacks, accusations, and clinging desperation were not bringing him closer.

Yet, it would happen on REPEAT!!!

This is what I call a “programmed response”

Our subconscious mind often creates responses that are based on fear;

Fear of losing something or someone

Fear of not being loved

Fear of being misunderstood

Fear of being taken advantage of

Fear of ……. (fill in the blank!) …….

It is these fears passed down from previous relationships and ancestral patterns that create

defensiveness… protection… grasping… codependency… neediness… ?……

and the way I transcend these cavewoman codes is this;

When I bring love to my fears, I experience freedom


When I feel free… there is more love to share

Recently I hosted an event From Fear to Freedom, which aligns perfectly with this topic today.

If you are experiencing any kind of drama in your life, then give this Tap a go! What you may discover is that underneath every fear is a desire for more love.

And with love anything is possible.

After you have finished the session, head on over to the comments area and let’s be honest (I know it’s scary)… What old reactive patterns are you ready to let go of? And what new patterns are you now choosing?

“Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.” Barbara De Angelis

With all my love,



Jennifer Partridge
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