Jennifer Partridge
Jennifer Partridge

heal yourself and transform the world

Take the next step in your journey as an EFT / Tapping healer and become a love ambassador in level 2 Tapping.

Level 2: Love ambassador

take your tapping practice to the next level

After diving deep in the Love Ambassador Program, you now have an invitation; do you continue to dive deeper into your transformation and share it with the world or do you hide your light and power from the world? We are calling you into your gifts, your magic and mission to activate your potential deep inside. Will you take the next step with us?

Create safe space

Uncover the step by step process to create safe space to share Tapping sessions with friends and family. 


Watch deep-dive sessions to discover the secrets of Tapping and how you can apply the methods to your own coaching practice.

design powerful sessions

Discover how to create powerful Tapping scripts and practice them with people in your life.

tapping immersions

Experience Tapping Workshops to cultivate vulnerability, clear overwhelm & up-level your communication, money & prosperity.


Discover the 3 stages of rewiring your brain and your belief systems.

greater power & success

Learn how to guide yourself and others into greater states of love, success and power through reframing the issue & positive visions .  

Meet Your Coach

Jennifer Partridge is a motivational speaker and expert in Emotional Freedom Technique (“Tapping”). Her online school and experiential events touch the lives of thousands of students.

Jennifer teaches globally on topics such as life purpose, self love, relationships, healing trauma, success, addictive patterns, and spiritual evolution.

I have had the pleasure of working with…

I facilitated bringing Deepak Chopra to Costa Rica to share a message of health through cosmic awareness. In this time we shared interviews surrounding the keys to living a healthy and balanced life.
I went on a multi-city tour around Colombia with don Miguel Ruiz, and was the opening presentation for his talks as I discussed Dream Awake and the power of transforming our limiting patterns into greater potential.
I was the host for the global telecast Birth 2012, streaming to over 50 countries and interviewing luminaries such as Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols and more discussing the vision of what is possible for the future.
What is Required?
The Love Ambassador Program is self-paced and can be done entirely online. You will have a student advisor from Dream Awake assigned to help you, to answer your questions and review your work as you are learning.
You have six months to complete these requirements:
Submit tuition payment*
Complete the e-learning course with videos and quizzes
Take the Final Exam
Complete assigned practice session
Electronically sign and submit the Love Ambassador Agreement


I have created some super awesome bonuses for joining us in Tapping Level 2. These are designed to support your journey and take your life to the next level.


hard copy tapping journal

Ready to take your personal Tapping practice to the next level? This hard copy Tapping Journal is a special guide to keep by your bedside or in your meditation cave. This journal is a physical version of the digital Tapping Journal which offers templates for your personal sessions, journal exercises and a way to track your progress through the Tapping journey.

60 minute 1-1 coaching

60 minute 1:1 coaching: discover your niche

Experience a one on one session with a Dream Awake Coach and discover your speciality on the road to becoming a Tapping Coach. This deep dive will cover life purpose and gifts, personality assessment and a deeper understanding of your emotional intelligence. 

money tap


We invite you into a soul signature exploration that will support us in determining your gifts and power as a healer. Upon completion of the course you will receive a unique and personalized Soul Signature Map for you to take on your healing journey.

Jennifer Partridge
“By stepping into your life as a healer, you not only bring blessings to yourself but the whole world around you shines.”
~Jennifer Partridge

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