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A potent shift for your emotional, mental, and spiritual life

Join Jennifer Partridge on a transformational journey using Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping), to release stress, fears, old baggage, and step into your highest vibration. With the blend of modern psychology, Chinese medicine, and a splash of neuroscience, Tapping has the ability to rewire your brain, emotional patterns, and set you up for success.

We Are Here for a Reason

We live in unprecedented times. No one has been prepared for what we are about to experience. My heart goes out in waves of love to the world for the suffering, fear, and concerns that we all have. For the waves of despair, grief and for the visions of a new future together.

It is a time for us to lift our spirits

We are being called into total responsibility for our lives and for each other’s lives. I have been through both ups and downs of disbelief and now I find myself in a place of service, knowing that the most important thing we can do with our life force right now is to keep our spirits high and serve.

I hope that you join me in lifting your spirit, knowing that true health, wealth, and joy resides in you right now, and that you have the power to turn your life around, no matter what is happening.

Taking full responsibility for your emotional world can massively shift the quality of your life

This is why I have created Life on Tap, specifically for times like these. EFT / Tapping does helps us re-calibrate our energy, turn our fears in to love, and enhances our capacity to attract, create, and magnetize a life based on the depths of joy and love.

Our physical health is a reflection of our internal health, let’s shift it from the inside out, right now. You deserve it, and I am here for you each step of the way.

Whatever it is you dream of, your dreams are worthy of existence.

In honor of all the lives that are affected by the Coronavirus, I am giving a free membership away for every purchased membership of Life On Tap to an effected family. So wherever you are on the road, no one misses out. Let’s dig deep inside our souls and use this time to elevate together.

Thank you for your support in this mission and for being a part of positive change on the planet.

All my love.


Get Monthly access to:

  • A Monthly Theme with New Content Every Week
  • 2x Live Tapping Webinars per month
  • Over 80 Long- and Short-Form Tapping Sessions
  • Monthly Expert Interviews
  • Body, Mind, Spirit Meditations and Yoga
  • 24/7 Tapping Support
  • Access Anytime and Anywhere on all Devices
Get year long access


I have created some super awesome bonuses for joining us in Life On Tap. These are designed to support your journey and take your life to the next level.


Digital E-book & Tapping Basics Course:

Want to join Life On Tap but you are brand new to Tapping? This simple course will make you feel like a seasoned pro in less than 25 mins per week for three weeks. Or do it all at once, if you’re super inspired!
money tap

Money Tap Video Workshop:

This 30-minute Tapping class and workbook will support you in unleashing any money blocks as you step into true abundance. You will be given the tools to become a money magnet and not to mention generate the funds to cover your investment in Life On Tap. Easy!

Magic & Grace Workshop:

Want life to be easier? Want to let go and allow the universe to do all the work? Yep! If so, this workshop will launch you into ease and grace. Together we will release struggle and define our highest dreams as we move forward in Life On Tap.
Live Tapping Experience

2 Tickets to the Live Tapping Experience:

Oooh this is my favorite! Join me in person or via live stream at our official Live Tapping Experience party 2020. Connect with other Tappers, experience it live with Jen, and enter an immersive 3-hour life-changing journey, which includes sound healing, live performances, Tapping, and a full integration experience. This is where we bring home all your visions and make them a reality.

Live More Powerfully In Every Area of Your Life

Based on modern psychology and Chinese medicine, Tapping allows you to work on yourself at your own pace and focus on the areas you feel you need the most help.








Self-Love & Body Confidence


Life Transitions and Changes


Chronic Pain


Personal Power


Life Purpose








Weight Loss and Physical Health

Meet Your Coach

Jennifer Partridge is a motivational speaker and expert in Emotional Freedom Technique (“Tapping”). Her online school and experiential events touch the lives of thousands of students.

Jennifer teaches globally on topics such as life purpose, self love, relationships, healing trauma, success, addictive patterns, and spiritual evolution.


People Love Tapping with Jen

Every moment of the day, when tears are streaming down my face, when I'm happy, when I'm sad, I look in the mirror and I love who I see. So I can keep opening that love to other people, because that's what we're here to do is we're here to love each other.
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I found it was okay to be me and not only okay, but it was imminent that I should show up as my full self.

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I've developed a beautiful, loving relationship that centers around two creative people and my whole sense of life purpose has completely changed.

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My heart's opened up so much through tapping, that now I can let their love in more, and now there's love being given and received, and it's really beautiful.

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“Before tapping, I was having a really hard time connecting with people. Whether it was friendship or family, I continued to project my emotions onto them, and I didn’t fully know how to take responsibility for my emotions. Some of the limiting thoughts were: I’m not worthy, I’m not lovable, I’m not enough, I’m meant to be alone…

When I first started tapping with Jen, I remember having an epiphany during that tap of being a three-year-old little girl and thinking that I would never be able to afford my dreams. It’s allowing me to continue to break through the layers of the blocks that I’ve been having within. I had to learn how to love myself first.

Every moment of the day, when tears are streaming down my face, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, I look in the mirror and I love who I see…”


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“Before I started tapping, I was dealing with so many challenges distracting me from my life purpose. I was… wondering if I was going to make enough money, constantly feeling like a victim of circumstances… [Tapping] gave me a real relationship with the inner dialogue in my mind.

I realized that circumstances that I thought were obstacles or painful emotions… were actually gifts to give me more clarity. I’ve actually manifested quite a few amazing things as a result of tapping, and I can see the direct relationship between this inner work, and it’s showing up in the outer world.

I now teach in a creative field, getting to help others realize more of their artistic technique and their craft and it really fills my heart. And I’ve developed a beautiful, loving relationship that centers around two creative people and my whole sense of life purpose has completely changed.”


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“Before tapping, I had challenges around self-love and self-acceptance… it was very cumbersome and felt very different than the world. This challenge was holding me back in a lot of areas of my life.

The limiting thoughts that were really rampant for me before tapping were a lot of self-doubt, self-criticism. I was experiencing anxieties and depressions, and I just thought that this was normal. I didn’t think that I was normal. Through tapping, I was able to move through all the muck and illusions…

I was trying to mimic what the world was showing me instead of showing up as myself, showing up as my true self, so the lack of freedom was just sad. When I started tapping with Jen my whole world changed. My vibration rose, my consciousness expanded, and the opportunities that were probably always there for me just became more readily available.”


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“Before I started tapping, I was confused and scared. In my second career, I didn’t know how to find it. I didn’t know where I was going, which is never comfortable. I felt insignificant, afraid, all the feelings that people feel when they’re unmoored and not clear about their direction, so I held myself back. I retreated, I hid…

There was something about working with Jen that just lit my life up. The approach was fresh, dynamic, loving, safe, fun… She showed me the way that helped me find my direction and helped me find the content that I wanted to deliver…

I have felt so loved, so supported, so seen, and welcomed by Dream Awake, that I am part of a community. I’m not doing this alone. This has been my lifeline.”


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“When I first started tapping with Jen, my relationship with my husband completely changed… I went to her first Dream Awake tapping event, and that was it. After tapping with Jen, I loved her energy, and the instant community that I was introduced to, and the support, and I felt like I found home. It was my second family.

And I started using tapping to go in to find out, where was that coming from inside of me, in my past. But I know if I hadn’t found tapping, we wouldn’t be together today, and we wouldn’t have wanted to have another child.

Tapping helps you realign with your real true self. Your true core self, the energy that’s just full life-force energy, and when you get to experience that, it’s more about how can I make this even more enjoyable?”


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“My fiance had passed away, and I thought I had dealt with it in every conventional way that was available. I thought I was fixed, turns out I wasn’t. And I prayed for a mentor that was able to help me get through this, and within two hours, Jenny showed up in my life. She gave me this tool, and that allowed me to rewire my programming of what death meant, how to let go, how to truly, truly heal, and how to transform that into something that would be a powerful catalyst in my life that would propel me further. Now I’ve reached a point where I could move forward in my next expression, which is expansion in a way that I’ve never expanded before. And I don’t think I would be here ready to take on everything that is given to me if it wasn’t for tapping.”


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“I was going through really big self-identity crisis. I was looking into the mirror a lot and I knew who I was. You know it from a very superficial point of view, but I didn’t know really who I was inside and I had this yearning to really seek out something that could really kind of give me some answers. I wanted something that I could really tap into on my own and bring from within me so that I could learn from it the most because that was one thing that I knew that works for me is when I find the answers on my own. And so I found tapping just randomly through Facebook and it looked kind of interesting. I wasn’t really  sure what it was, but something inside me told me to just trust the process. And that was kind of when it made sense to me that okay, like this is something that it can be actually really good for me if I just trust myself.”


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“I discovered tapping in 2013 when my wonderful friend Jennifer would do practice sessions with me and I was really lost in that point of my life. My English wasn’t good. I was really shy about putting myself out there and talking to people, and I felt like I couldn’t share my voice, and there’s no space for my expression in this world. And tapping really helped me to feel comfortable within myself and clear anxiety from my body. And by digging into my childhood traumas, now I feel like more free to express myself in this world. One of the biggest things that inspires me in tapping is the ability to reprogram our subconscious and being able to consciously decide, what do I want to believe about myself in the world? What habits do I want to have? It’s pretty fascinating to me. And the whole collective consciousness is moving now towards understanding about our emotions and how it’s important to understand our emotions, love ourselves through all our emotions, and learn about our emotional intelligence. So I think we’re all gonna get there through tapping.”


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“Tapping has been very transformative for me. And I would say something that really stands out is moving through emotional blockages that I have had in my own childhood related to relationships, marriage, and emotional pain. This has helped me to move through a conscious separation in my own marriage with my ex-husband, who’s now one of my best friends, into wholeness and full self-expression and joy and laughter. For me, it’s helped me to move through great loss, pain that’s real, pain that’s part of the human experience. Pain that isn’t isolated to me, but gives other people an opportunity to laugh through what they’re going through, the real-life journey of the density of these bodies in this human experience and say, “I’m okay,” and it’s okay to find humor and levity and lightness and bring light to it.”


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Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you are not into our wacky ways, please email support@jenniferpartridge.com within 30 days of purchase, and we will issue a full refund.

You are one step away from releasing your fears, claiming self love, and living with power.

Your emotions and thoughts create your reality. Worry, Self-Doubt, Fears, and Blocks are shaped by your past. When you bring love and forgiveness to them, you control your destiny. Release what does not serve you, and live with unstoppable joy.

We offer a 30-day return policy for Life On Tap. We guarantee it is worth it!

Coronavirus Support 

We believe everyone should have access to Tapping support and living their fullest potential. For every membership that is purchased, we are giving one away to a family in need.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm a newbie to Tapping - will Life On Tap work for me?
Yep! This program is designed for people on all levels. As part of joining the Life On Tap community, you will be given access to the Tapping Basics Mini Course. This bonus material and short course will take you through some of the basics of Tapping – where to tap, how to do it, the science, and all that Jazz!

The beauty of Tapping is that you don’t need to know much, you just have to be willing to feel. And if feeling is hard, no worries… we have a numbness tap to safely support you in defrosting some of that ice, one breath at a time.
While we can not guarantee total rainbows and unicorns, what we can say is:

Life On Tap is ideal if you’re just getting started on your healing journey. You will be held in a safe container of love to uncover, heal, and transform your fears and pains back into love.

When we bring love to our fears, we change our life for the better and that is the invitation of Life On Tap.

The challenges I am experiencing in life are unique. How can I be sure Life On Tap will work for me?
We’re super honored to have all walks of life, ages, nationalities, religions, and belief systems in this community. We recognize our similarity as humans on this planet, knowing that we are all seeking to become masters of our emotional, mental, and physical lives.

We see that different stages of life bring unique challenges and this creates an opportunity for all of us to grow and learn together. Whether that be challenges in stepping into new career paths, working on self love, healing physical challenges, addictive patterns, dealing with death, separation, sexuality, communication breakdowns, diving deep into earlier childhood trauma and then into high performance, success, motivation, and life visioning. You get to choose your own adventure.

The monthly program offers a theme that will support you in discovering the gems of wisdom that you have been searching for in all areas of life.

No matter what area you are focusing on, the method works the same; by bringing love, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion to the struggle we are able to transform it.

Do I need to do Life On Tap at certain times or can I access the content anytime I want?
You can access the content at any time you wish. The program includes a video library of over 100 different Tapping sessions to choose from on many different topics plus monthly content, including special guest interviews, body-mind-spirit practices, and live Tapping webinars that are always available on replay the day after the live event.

You are free to work with the sessions and content at your own pace and whenever you need the support. We will be there waiting for you.

I know that if I commit to Life On Tap and do the practice, I’ll be able to elevate my life. That said, how much time do I need to set aside each week?
If you intend to join us through the live program monthly, we recommend between 1-2 hours per week. And if you’d like to go deeper, you have access to the Tapping content 24/7.

Many members in our community choose to participate in the live webinars and weekly content as much as possible, yet we get it! Life can be busy, and we do not always make the live Taps. No worries, you can always come back and do the Taps as they will be stored in your video library. This experience is designed to expand and stretch you, but of course, it can be customized to your life and timeline.

At times you may be working through really tough challenges with a lot of old pain. This process can take time and patience. The Dream Awake team, Coaches, and Jennifer are here to hold you in a safe container of love and encouragement through this process. The invitation is to look deeply within and remember your magnificence.

I am not able to make all the live Tapping sessions. Will I miss out on the content?
No, you won’t miss out. All of the sessions will be inside the video library waiting for you upon your return.
I’d like to apply myself and move faster in my transformative journey. Is this possible or do I have to stick to the Life On Tap timeline?
If you would like to dive in deep – yay! We commend you. Yes, with over 100 short- and long-form Tapping sessions available to you on day 1, you will be well equipped to dive into your healing journey and choose your own timeline for transformation.

Each week you will receive additional fresh content to support your process along with 2 live webinars per month and our Facebook community to share your experience, questions, and needs with Jennifer, our Dream Awake Coaches, and community.

Will I speak with or get Tapping support directly from Jennifer?
Life On Tap is a community experience and support is only a few clicks away. We offer you guidance through our professional Dream Awake Coaches who have worked with Jennifer for years in her unique approach to Tapping along with support from the Dream Awake team and the Life On Tap community cheering you on.

The program is designed by Jennifer for you. While we can’t guarantee individual feedback, you will be able to share your process with her, and questions directly in the live Tapping webinars. In addition, Jen is active in the Members Area and on our private Facebook community.

What if I try Life On Tap and it's not my thang! Can I get a refund?
Yes. We back our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works:

We are happy to offer you 30 days to take an adventure with us. Upon signing up, try some of the taps in the library, experience a live webinar; and if within this time period you do not feel it’s a good fit for you just let us know, and we will give you a full refund.

It is our commitment to support you through your journey back into love and power. In order to experience positive change, you must be committed to doing the sessions, and occasionally, looking at your fears may be daunting. This is where we come in. If you show up fully for the work, we will show up fully with you. We know that transformation is possible and love is just around the corner.

“I had PTSD from sexual abuse and anxiety attacks and was hooked on drugs until I found Tapping. I’d been looking for support but didn’t know where to find it. This method came into my life like an army of angels. All of a sudden, years of trauma trapped in my cells began to release, and the overwhelm in my mind began to silence.”

~ Jennifer Partridge