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Experience the benefit of EFT / Tapping to let go of struggle, to allow a new momentum to guide your life, relieve your stress and step into powerful and beautiful change.



6:00 – 7:15 PM
(Pacific Standard Time)


This live virtual event will support you in a variety of ways in your daily life, feel free to focus on any challenge or area of focus you wish. Jennifer will meet you right where you are, on your path.

Each experience is a unique one, offering insights and selected themes from Jennifer with the intention of deep healing and transformation. You will be held in a safe and expansive container of love as you move through your experience.

Some topics you may choose to work on include:

  • Opening to love in deeper and more fulfilling ways
  • Manifesting your dreams into your reality
  • Embodying your truth and living a fulfilling life
  • Clearing the way for GREAT success
  • Healing trauma and living a life full of freedom and JOY
  • Expanding into your true POWER
  • Becoming a master communicator
  • Aligning and living a life of purpose and meaning
  • Tapping into prosperity, wealth and true abundance
  • Clearing out addictive habits and choose positive ones
  • Reprogramming ancestral pain from your family line

“Before tapping, I was having a really hard time connecting with people. Whether it was friendship or family, I continued to project my emotion onto them, and I didn’t really know fully how to take responsibility for my emotions. Some of the limiting thoughts were, I’m not worthy, I’m not lovable, I’m not enough, I’m meant to be alone…

When I first started tapping with Jen, I remember having an epiphany during that tap of being a three-year-old little girl and thinking that I would never be able to afford my dreams. It’s allowing me to continue to break through the layers of the blocks that I’ve been having within. I had to learn how to love myself first.

Every moment of the day, when tears are streaming down my face, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, I look in the mirror and I love who I see…”


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“Before I started tapping, I was dealing with so many challenges distracting me from my life purpose. I was… wondering if I was going to make enough money, constantly feeling like a victim of circumstances… [Tapping] gave me a real relationship with the inner dialogue in my mind.

I realized that circumstances that I thought were obstacles or painful emotions… were actually gifts to give me more clarity. I’ve actually manifested quite a few amazing things as a result of tapping, and I can see the direct relationship between this inner work, and it’s showing up in the outer world.

I now teach in a creative field, getting to help others realize more of their artistic technique and their craft and it really fills my heart. And I’ve developed a beautiful, loving relationship that centers around two creative people and my whole sense of life purpose has completely changed.”


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“Before tapping, I had challenges around self love and self acceptance… it was very cumbersome and felt very different than the world. This challenge was holding me back a lot of areas of my life.

The limiting thoughts that were really rampant for me before tapping were a lot of self doubt, self criticism. I was experiencing anxieties and depressions, and I just thought that this was normal. I didn’t think that I was normal. Through tapping, I was able to move through all the muck and illusions…

I was trying to mimic what the world was showing me instead of showing up as me, showing up as my true self, so the lack of freedom was just sad. When I started tapping with Jen my whole world changed. My vibration rose, my consciousness expanded, and the opportunities that were probably always there for me just became more readily available.”


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“Before I started tapping, I was confused and scared. In my second career, I didn’t know how to find it. I didn’t know where I was going, which is never comfortable. I felt insignificant, afraid, all the feelings that people feel when they’re unmoored and not clear about their direction, so I held myself back. I retreated, I hid…

There was something about working with Jen that just lit my life up. The approach was fresh, dynamic, loving, safe, fun… She showed me the way that helped me find my direction and helped me find the content that I wanted to deliver…

I have felt so loved, so supported, so seen, and welcomed by Dream Awake, that I am part of a community. I’m not doing this alone. This has been my lifeline.”


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“When I first started tapping with Jen, my relationship with my husband completely changed… I went to her first Dream Awake tapping event, and that was it. After tapping with Jen, I loved her energy, and the instant community that I was introduced to, and the support, and I felt like I found home. It was my second family.

And I started using tapping to go in to find out, where was that coming from inside of me, in my past. But I know if I hadn’t found tapping, we wouldn’t be together today, and we wouldn’t have wanted to have another child.

Tapping helps you realign with your real true self. Your true core self, the energy that’s just full life-force energy, and when you get to experience that, it’s more about how can I make this even more enjoyable?”


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“My fiance had passed away, and I thought I had dealt with it in every conventional way that was available. I thought I was fixed, turns out I wasn’t. And I prayed for a mentor that was able to help me get through this, and within two hour, Jenny showed up in my life. She gave me this tool, and that allowed me to rewire my programming of what death meant, how to let go, how to truly, truly heal, and how to transform that into something that would be a powerful catalyst in my life that would propel me further. Now I’ve reached a point where I could move forward in my next expression, which is expansion in a way that I’ve never expanded before. And I don’t think I would be here ready to take on everything that is given to me if it wasn’t for tapping.”


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“I was going through really big self identity crisis. I was looking into the mirror a lot and I knew who I was. You know it from a very superficial point of view, but I didn’t know really who I was inside and I had this yearning to really seek out something that could really kind of give me some answers. I wanted something that I could really tap into on my own and bring from within me so that I can learn from it the most because that was one thing that I knew that works for me is when I find the answers on my own. And so I found toppings just randomly through Facebook and it looked kind of interesting. I wasn’t really kind of sure where it was, but something inside me told me to just trust the process. And that was kind of when it makes sense to me that okay, like this is something that it can be actually really good for me if I just trust myself.”


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“I discovered topping in 2013 when my wonderful friend Jennifer would do practice sessions with me and I was really lost in that point of my life. My English wasn’t good. I was really shy about putting myself out there and talking to people, and I felt like I can share my voice and there’s no space for my expression in this world. And tapping really helped me to feel comfortable within myself and clear anxiety from my body. And by digging into my childhood traumas now I feel like more free to express myself in this world. One of the biggest things that inspires me in tapping is the ability to reprogram our subconscious and being able to consciously decide, what do I want to believe about myself in the world? What habits do I want to have? It’s pretty fascinating to me. And the whole collective consciousness is moving now towards understanding about our emotions and how it’s important to understand our emotions, love ourselves through all our emotions, and learn about our emotional intelligence. So I think we’re all gonna get there through tapping.”


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“Tapping has been very transformative for me. And I would say something that really stands out is moving through emotional blockages that I have had in my own childhood related to relationship, marriage, emotional pain helped me to move through a conscious separation in my own marriage with my ex-husband, who’s now one of my best friends into wholeness and full self-expression and joy and laughter. For me, it’s helped me to move through great loss, pain that’s real, pain that’s part of the human experience. Pain that isn’t isolated to me, but gives other people an opportunity to laugh through what they’re going through, the real life journey of the density of these bodies in this human experience and say, “I’m okay,” and it’s okay to find humor and levity and lightness and bring light to it.”


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Jennifer Partridge
Jennifer Partridge

Jennifer Partridge is an expert Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) / Tapping Facilitator, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Her mission is to support the collective healing and awakening through resolving childhood, cultural, and ancestral pains expressed through our world today. She gives talks, leads workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats across the country. She has been featured in the media and as the host for various shows from Veria TV’s Lisa Oz Show, Natural Healing Saved My Life, Thrive Markets Wellness Coach, The Chopra Center, Birth 2012, and online at jenniferpartridge.com.

"Both in my own life and as a practitioner, I have witnessed healing from childhood trauma, abuse, mental confusion, physical ailments, anxiety attacks, depression, and so much more," Jennifer says.

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