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The fastest & easiest path to heal trauma, reprogram limiting habits, and step into true freedom.


6:00 – 7:15 PM
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May 26, 2021


You know that stuck place you have been trying to change forever, and nothing seems to work? Tapping could be the solution you have been looking for.

In this safe container, you will learn how to rewire your brain, reset your nervous system and heal your emotional body, so that you can finally live a life of deep joy and happiness.


Today, more people around the world – medical professionals included – are turning to Tapping to heal trauma, emotional challenges and increase high performance.

After investing so much time and money in therapy for years and not seeing any progress, individuals are discovering that in one to five sessions of Tapping their original emotional response to trauma and fear is disappearing. Once you discover the simple steps to Tapping, you too will gain the ability to transform your life. Restore health. Relieve pain. Heal your relationships and live an empowered life.

The reason this method works faster than many other methods is it focuses on clearing the root cause of the challenge, through a blend of Modern Psychology, Chinese Medicine and Nero-plasticity.


release fears and anxiety
level up your relationships
manifest wealth and money
release addictions
develop self love
turn on your power and purpose
heal from trauma
open into deeper intimacy
Activate your peak performance


“Before tapping, I was having a really hard time connecting with people. Whether it’s friendship or family, I continued to project my emotion onto them, and I didn’t know how to take responsibility for my emotions. Tapping with Jen, allowed me to break through the blocks and learn how to love myself, every moment of the day, and now I look in the mirror and I love who I see.”


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When I first started tapping with Jen, my relationship with my husband completely changed. Abandonment was being triggered, and I just didn’t know how to get through to the other side. I know if I hadn’t found tapping with Jen, we wouldn’t be together today, and we wouldn’t have wanted to have another child. Tapping helps you realign with your real true self.



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“Before I started tapping, I was really keeping my nose to the ground, wondering if I was going to make enough money and constantly feeling like a victim of circumstances. In doing tapping, I realized that what I thought were obstacles, were actually gifts to give me more clarity. And as a result I have actually manifested quite a few amazing things, I now teach in a creative field, getting to help others and I’ve developed a beautiful relationship, my whole sense of life purpose has changed.”


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“Before I started tapping was I was confused and scared, I’d always been very directed in my life as an actress, and now in my second career, I was lost. Working with Jen shifted it all,  her approach was fresh, dynamic, loving, safe and fun and she showed me the way that helped me find my direction. This work has been my lifeline, pulling me through. So I’m setting up my life, in a whole new world, in Santa Fe, New Mexico to be of service to humanity.”


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“I was going through really big self identity crisis. I was looking into the mirror a lot and I knew who I was. You know it from a very superficial point of view, but I didn’t know really who I was inside and I had this yearning to really seek out something that could really kind of give me some answers.”


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“My fiance had passed away, and I thought I had dealt with it in every conventional way that was available. I thought I was fixed, turns out I wasn’t. And I prayed for a mentor that was able to help me get through this, and within two hour, Jenny showed up in my life.”


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Hi, I’m Jen Partridge

If I had one message I could share with the world it would be this “the power of our love can heal anything”. My life is a testament to that. I left a world of anxiety attacks, drug abuse, sexual trauma, an autoimmune disease and discovered healing, transformation, self-worth and inner peace. 

Now, I share and inspire self love to thousands of students. I created my own style of healing called Dream Awake Tapping.  I have been told it is a spitting image of EFT / Tapping mixed with a dash of Tony Robbins. 

My work has been featured in places like Mind Valley, The Lisa Oz Show,  Gaia  TV and other publications like The Chopra Center, Wanderlust, Commune, The World Tapping Summit and Thrive Market.

It would be my honor to share this journey with you.


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