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Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

Moment of truth, from my tender heart….I used to try desperately to receive love from the outside world.

In the process, I compromised myself, time and time again.

I tried fitting in… just to be loved.

I tried changing myself… to be accepted.

I tried to alter my very nature just to get approval.


Love became a trade, a business deal of sorts.

If I behave or look a certain way… you’ll love me…

And if I don’t you’ll take that love away…

Sound familiar?

These trauma patterns so often have roots in our earliest forms of love, and how we related to receiving love with our family and earliest relationships.

After compromising myself too many times, I know that the only thing that truly works is me being me.

Is YOU being YOU!

Soooo let your freak flag fly… and shine your light baby.

The truth is… Not everyone is going to understand you.

Some people will say… you should be more that… you should be more this.

But we get to LOVE OURSELVES exactly as we are.

This is something that I go deeper into in my upcoming Personal Peace Process Program, opening May 17th. To get on the waitlist click here.

Being different is what makes us unique.

There is not one “perfect” way to be.

We are all pieces in a great big jigsaw puzzle game, and every piece uniquely fits into its perfect place.

Without you, the whole of creation would not exist.

Sooo stop trying to change yourself to be something that you are not.

Instead practice loving, accepting, and celebrating yourself exactly as you are.

To experience a free deep dive Tapping session, to love and celebrate all that you are, Tap along with me below.

The right people, opportunities, relationships, friends, and life experiences will show up to meet you there.

Don’t for one minute think that anything is missing.

Every part of you is beautiful.

You are perfection.

We will be reopening our Personal Peace Process on May 17th, so put it on your calendar. If you missed out on the last round, this will be an opportunity to activate the transformation and self love you are ready for. Click here to hop on the waitlist.

All my love,

Jennifer Partridge
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